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Goleta, CA - Everything You Need

If you have ever wanted to live by the ocean, by the mountains, far from the city yet close to the city, in a small town but not too small of a town, in warm weather yet close to snowboarding, then Goleta, California is the place for you. I moved to Goleta, California about four years ago when I got a new job. I had no idea the type of breathtaking beauty I was getting myself into. I suppose anyone would love to live in a calendar worthy place and I am no exception. In Goleta, the mountains run right into the deep blue Pacific Ocean. This means that both the beach and the snowy slopes can be utilized almost year round. The city itself experiences fairly mild temperatures that are characteristic to Southern California. But because it is so closely nestled against the mountains, the winds can get to be cooler than elsewhere in the area. Because of this Goleta homes are equipped with both swimming pools as well as fireplaces. With a population of just over 50,000, Goleta is not your typical large city. However, the astonishing ocean-side drive to Los Angeles is only two hours long. This makes the city perfectly isolated from the large city noise and pollution but close enough to enjoy a weekend out on the town if necessary. Goleta is also very near another large (smaller than Los Angeles, of course) campus. The University of California Santa Barbara is only a 15 minute drive from Goleta and many kids make the commute from school to home. The beaches in Santa Barbara are more popular with the young crowd and hundreds of teenagers gather there in the summer time. Goleta is not a large city but its location make it a very convenient place to live.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 16, 2012
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