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Worst town ever!!

I have lived in Seattle WA, Tuftonboro NH, Pittsfield, Marietta PA and in Dallas Tx but Glenn Heights take stupidity to a whole new level. I was living with my parents who have lived in this town since 1999. Recently we have found out that the codes for the town have been changed witch is fine but there was no letter stating this fact or was it on the website. Needless to say this town is very disorganized they want to be a HOA. Which again isn't a bad thing but for example the town fined and made our Mexican neighbors get rid of their pet horse that they had for years. On our street alone they have 43 code violations.the latest issue is that the town gave us a permit to build a garage and now they are threatening to tear it down because the code inspector didn't know we built it. How does a town issue a permit then state they didn't know about it?! This is not a big town! We have also been told the police officers can trespass on our property anytime they want with or without cause. I am telling anyone looking into this town, my advice is just don't.
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PeachesjoPosted on Aug 07, 2014
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