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Why is Girard the best place to live in the greater youngstown area??

So, being one that doesn't care much for the city life and enjoys quite cozy neighborhoods, I also loves to walk around town and get errands done at the same time while remaining close to city amenities. (I know, I am aware I can't always have it all! BUT. Girard SEEMS TO!) Granted, the greater Youngstown area is very depressed and I've lived around it all my life, the poverty-stricken parts of towns don't scare or bother me. Every town around Youngstown has its "slums" so to speak. Of course, Girard is also one of them. But, on the brighter side, every street pretty much past Trumbull going northwest is not what I consider a terrible neighborhood. I'd say Girard, being the bridge city between Youngstown (old steel town) and Niles, (lots of food and the mall!) is in a perfect location. You've got quick access to route 11 and 80 if you're a commuter, and housing is EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. There is a shockingly large amount of amazingly priced and up-to-date duplexes that you can rent if you're in the lower tax brackets, yet their location is surprisingly safe and clean and neighbors are very friendly. Always yard sales and kids riding their bikes outside, I'm glad to have found such a gem of a town to live in while going to the local university. I highly recommend such an underrated community to anyone considering living around this area. Girard, a town where you can drive 15 minutes to the scene of an urban area or walk 5-10 mins down the road and find local postings of jobs and community activities on the grocery store bulletin board, to me, seems perfect. Girard is definitely one of the best!
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sae0091Posted on May 27, 2016
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