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Gallup Livin!

Gallup seems to have only seasonal attractions, like many other places. They have the Inter-Tribal Ceremony which occurs every summer and the Wild Thing bullriding, along with the Wrangler Jr's Final Rodeo. New Mexico, in general, is known for their hot-air balloon festivals (obviously, occuring when the weather is cold). The community population makes up mostly of Native Americans from the Navajo tribe. Thus, a person may purchase native jewelery at the town's flee market. There are a few drinking locations throughout the town, but the town recently opened the Fire Rock Casino which attracts the night owls of Gallup and surrounding area. In Gallup, a person will find some restaurants that serve Native American traditional foods such as Earl's Restaurant. There is a mall located in Gallup which has a Bealls, JC Penny's, Clair's, Pac-Sun, Journey's and a few other independently owned businesses. Gallup is a beautiful place to take a hike with friends and learn about the Hispanic and Native American culture!
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Marie_CloughPosted on May 11, 2012
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