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The City of Fountainebleau, FL

Fountainebleau, Florida situated almost dead center of Millionaire Row is one of the most popular places to live in or visit of all Miami Beach offerings. Resorts and spas call the area paradise. With just under 55,000 people residing here, tourism attracts enough visitors to make it very busy during their spring season with college students, avid shoppers, and families who want time spent at the beach, golf course, or who enjoy a rigorous night life of clubbing and enjoying the local dining establishments. Because I enjoy walking the beaches, I can go for miles in smooth white sands, and view my choice of elegant hotels, resorts and spas from the coast. Finding a restaurant for dining on fresh fish is easy with the multitude of choices offered. Accommodations for overnight stays ranges from the very inexpensive to the most luxurious, with full views of the beach and South Atlantic Ocean. You can enjoy swimming, parasailing, and water skiing. You can stay on the beach for an incredible coconut-colored tan. The style of living is extremely relaxed. There's no hurry for anything here, just leisurely vacationing, and kick-back living. This is a lushly tropical area of the country, with plenty of places to walk, parks for families, and golfing for novice and pros alike. In addition to International Mall and Dolphin Mall, the Park Plaza shopping center is touted to be one of the largest in the area, with name brand products and stores. 99% of this community's residential population are either Homeowners Association or Condominium Association owners. As a result, city streets and well maintained and crime is very low. It is a place where residents take pride in their home, but are very welcoming to tourists who boost the economy. Perhaps it truly is a paradise!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 17, 2015
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