Fort Wayne, IN Transportation

Fort Wayne transportation information

StatisticFort WayneIndianaNational
Total airports (within 30 miles of city center)1 (1)4354
Total Amtrak train stations (within 30 miles of city center)0 (1)13711
Average one way commute (mins)202325
Workers who carpool8.4%9.3%10.0%
Workers taking public transportation0.8%1.1%5.0%
Workers who walk to work1.5%2.2%2.8%
Working from home3.4%3.3%4.3%
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There are a total of 1 airports within 30 miles of Fort Wayne and a total of 1 Amtrak train stations within 30 miles of the city center.

The average travel time to work in Fort Wayne is 15.2% less than the Indiana average and 22.6% less than the National average. The number of people who take public transportation in Fort Wayne is 28.8% less than the Indiana average and 84.8% less than the National average. The number of people who carpool to work in Fort Wayne is 9.2% less than the Indiana average and 16.2% less than the National average. The number of people who work from home in Fort Wayne is 4.2% greater than the Indiana average and 20.5% less than the National average.

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One way travel time to work (mins)

Data displayed in the above graphs is based on 2012 census data.

Amtrak stations within 30 miles of Fort Wayne, Indiana

WaterlooLincoln & Center Sts.
Waterloo IN 46793
Amtrak Station Information
  • •  Located 24.3 miles from Fort Wayne city center
  • •  This Amtrak station is open
  • •  Has no ticket office
  • •  Does not handle checked baggage
  • •  Luggage assistance not available
  • •  Not wheelchair accessible
  • •  No public restrooms available
  • •  No food service facilities
  • •  No automated teller machines available
  • •  No public transit connection available
  • •  Public telephones in the station

Airports within 30 miles of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Airport NameAirport AddressDistance (miles)City/State
Fort Wayne International Airport3801 West Ferguson Road7.1Fort Wayne, IN

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Neighborhoods in & around Fort Wayne, IN

Brierwood Hills, Fort Wayne835.3
Inverness Hills, Fort Wayne814.8
Inverness Lakes, Fort Wayne815.5
Shorewood, Fort Wayne806.6
Aspen Village, Fort Wayne807.3
Westchester Glens, Fort Wayne807.2
Woodland Lake, Fort Wayne806.4
Rolling Hills, Fort Wayne807.6
Timber Lake-Covington Woods, Fort Wayne806.5
Sycamore Hills, Fort Wayne807.9
Westchester Lakes, Fort Wayne807.3
Woodmont, Fort Wayne807.1
Blum, Fort Wayne804.1
Forest Ridge Estates, Fort Wayne808.1
Eagle Lake, Fort Wayne807.2
Tamarak, Fort Wayne804.2
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