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Florence AZ: Come for the Low Crime Rate. Stay Because It's Really Pretty Nice.

Yes, it's hot. Days begin breaking the 100° mark in March. But don't let the number scare you: It's a dry heat, which means that while the intensity is there, it's really not as noticeable when compared to an East-er city like Virginia Beach or Chicago where the humidity is astronomically high and days above 80° call for air conditioning and everything just sticksticksticks together in a miserable way. Don't be alarmed to see the mercury rise to 125° or more in the afternoon; just use some common sense and don't stand like a stately saguaro, tall and proud and baking in the sun...go inside, for cryin' out loud. Another shocker: the bugs. Scorpions will kill you, vinegaroons will scare the life outta you, and the cockroaches will infiltrate your home in small gangs sporting wife-beaters and smoking blunts, and they will ask in broken English what you're cooking for dinner. The bugs here are seriously huge, but don't let them deter you from moving here. Just keep a moderately clean home and the insects, while not (ever) disappearing completely, will be kept to a minimum.Without a doubt, to me anyway, the absolute worst aspect of Florence Life has got to be the water "service" (term used quite loosely). Take a shower and observe the crap left clinging to the stall wall. Keep in mind that said funk is now coating the pipes in your home, building up nasty blockage in everything it touches: sewage, washing machine, sinks, and horrifingly true, your body. Water isn't supposed to have a "flavor," per se. This water's flavor screams, "Don't drink me!" Most residents have a water filtration system or religiously purchase case upon case of bottled water. It is really disturbing, the deplorable quality of our public water, thank you very much, George Johnson, the billionaire who doesn't care. (But, I digress.)There you have it: The Subdued Blonde's Top Three (for Now) Issues to Consider If You're Thinking About Moving to Florence. The people are mostly friendly, the roads are improving, the sun is always shining, the town is growing, and it's affordable to live here. I'm really glad I now call Florence my home town. (Typed with a smile.)
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SubduedBlondePosted on Jan 11, 2018
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