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Safe city , quite but there are several issues

I love the city of Farmers. It is quite and very safe. The city police patrol the area. If you need help, the police will be there within a few minutes. If you report something, they will try to get on it. There are a lot of low income families live in this city compare to Addison. There are a lot of nice places in Addison but Farmers Branch is keeping this old mentality of an atmosphere. Younger people with education and money are not attracted to this old city. Also, they do not enforce the leash law and owners do not clean up after their pets. We constantly have to clean our yard after neighbor's pet. If you want to live in a city without any laws regarding to pets live in Farmers Branch. Dogs are running loose without leash and even when you call animal control they just give the pet back to owner without giving them a warning or a fine. I love city of Plano, you do not see these type of issues in their city because they enforce the law.
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sheilablansettePosted on Sep 02, 2014
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