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Nice place to live but keep your small pets inside due to coyotes.

Euless is central to many places, has nice parks but people who live here need to know that there are many coyotes who are being continually displaced due to construction. Your small dogs and cats are NOT safe outside. We have seen coyotes at dawn, at noon and at night in north Euless. As time goes by you will be shocked at the many signs put up for lost pets, almost always cats and small dogs. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to keep your small animals inside or CLOSELY monitored when outside. I have lived in euless for 20 years
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pet ownerPosted on Jan 26, 2014
Euless, Texas: Everything Really is BIGGER!

Wow! Is the one word that describes this town. Since I have moved from Las Vegas to Texas my experiences have changed completely. Texas is a huge state and the Euless is just as big with Bedford to the West and Irving to the East there is plenty to do and see here. When I lived in Las Vegas, I spent most of my time eating at buffets with my friends and going to clubs near by. I am only 24 years old so this is like the dream life for any young man, but after about a year of this I began to crave something different from life. Once I relocated to Euless it seemed like I got everything I wanted and more. Euless has comedy houses and local art centers that promote local painters and writers. Delving into my more poetic side, I decided to try out my hand at poetry. I actually loved doing it and am a local poet there. A little fame never hurt anybody, right? Though Euless is a great city, there are things about it that I do not like. Coming from Vegas, I am used to things being opened 24 hours a day. Here most stores and businesses close down at around 10pm. The few nightclubs around usually close down at 1am. I also, hate that the cities in Texas are so far spaced apart. From Euless to El Paso(where my grandmother lives) is about 11 hours! So a round trip drive would take about an entire day! If you plan on moving here expect to pay a lot in gas prices, but also expect a great school system for your children. There are also a lot of jobs available here, so if you are out of work Euless or any other city in Texas is perfect for you!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 22, 2012
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