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At Least There's a Lake

The town was alright for us when we were a quiet couple expecting our first child. We had to travel over an hour to do much of anything, but that didn't seem too bad. Now that our kids are school age and we all want to get out and experience more, this place is a nightmare. First, understand, you WILL get Florida style heat here. You can even smell the ocean if the wind is coming from the south. Even the seagulls end up here. But it's so humid you have to swim through the air to move around outside in the summer. The bugs are not your usual "Southern" bugs. You sometimes can't see past the critters. The school system is a bit of a nightmare, especially if you live outside of the city limits. The county schools are failing, and the public city schools charge tuition, even though they aren't doing much better. Then, if your kid isn't a perfect angel they constantly remind you that it's a privilege, not a right, for them to be in their schools. Even when our child was behaved but got bullied, the school called and admitted they only had the bully's word to go on, and they were taking his side. I've literally had a teacher tell my child he BELONGED in the county schools, not in "their" school. Then there are the spam calls from the school's machines. I've had to block several numbers and ask teachers to call me directly in case of emergency. The few stores we have are usually barely stocked or poorly stocked with most items in the wrong place, or not even carrying some common items at all. There isn't a single place to buy specialty or health foods, and zero game, movie, or book stores. We do most of our shopping online or out of town because we have no choice.The health care system is shaky, to say the least. Sometimes it's easier to just give up and drive an hour, because that's what you're usually going to be asked to do anyway. Our Walmart closes at midnight but calls itself a "Super Center". They carry groceries, but nothing special. So, basically, if you want to shop for anything that's not antique, you have to drive an hour. If you want health care, drive an hour. If you want a good restaurant, eat at El Jalisco's or drive an hour.All of that said, before we had school-aged kids and learned to cook healthy meals, this town was alright. The lake is nice, the historic district is beautiful, and the winters are mild. But when you literally have to pay the same price to live here as you would pay to live a block from the beach (or even more) it simply isn't worth it.
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C_KimiPosted on Mar 22, 2017
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