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Durham is Overrated

I don't know what all the hub bub is about but I personally feel Durham is over rated. First off the amenities here are limited. Looking at the list on this site they listed the children's museum twice, that's cheating, the Somerhill Gallery is closed, shopping malls I would not count except Southpoint, they listed Brightleaf square twice, again cheating. Only two golf courses are worth mentioning. Durham is not an A+ amenity town. Not by far. And to spend a day with your family will cost you a pretty penny unless you go to the Eno River and then Mc Donalds.Now I do admit DPAC is certainly nice but it is very expensive as is most anything to do here is. They received a lot of bond money so they could have lowered the prices a bit. Each time I went I tried to get specific seats and was unable to do so because they were reserved for "season ticket holders", and the nights I went the seasoned seats remained vacant. The city has metered parking, even for handicap parking. If you are a city or county employee who is handicap and working downtown, they don't care, you have to pay to park close to the job. The meters are not cheap either. they say to make you park in the garages but the garages are expensive as well as the time in there is by the hour even if you go over by 1 minute. Quite ridiculous. And no businesses validate parking even the city or county. Even if you go to Charlotte to take care of city business they have a free parking lot to take care of city business. Durham is GREEDY.There are plenty of restaurants in Durham, plenty to keep you nice and fat. Food truck rodeos are big, street fairs with fried food and barbecues, and just about anything to do with food is big. Not many in-shape people here either. Look around. I bet diabetes and heart problems is the worst epidemic here.There are more hair salons than should be legally allowed. That I don't understand. Downtown there has to be 50 hair salons. Singles. I hear more complaints from singles than anyone. No this is not the place to find love...I know more people here that have been single for YEARS than anywhere. Most people that find love find it outside of Durham. Nightlife? depends on what you call nightlife. Beyu café is nice, and a few other jazz clubs. all VERY small underground and intimate. You have to go to Raleigh for other theater and nightlife experiences. Although there are some rooftop things happening at night in Durham now. Museums for adults? what a joke and for children? again expensive, and in the hood. I don't smoke but know you are not allowed to smoke on any city owned property to include sidewalks, streets, parking lots etc. Racial issues. Undertones are constant. Even if they did tear down the confederate statute. That was young people. Its the older ones you have to listen to and be cautious of. Racism is alive and well here from the natives mostly.And don't get it twisted, this is still a small town and you can still be black balled in most industries. Employment. The poverty level is high here, and the pay scale is kind of low in my opinion. I have also seen a high turnover rate in different industries and I am not sure why.... Schools? Well let me put it to you like this. I would not send my kids to public school here. There is a low teacher to student ratio yet the school system is failing. Hospitals. Can I be sick in a hospital without a student being involved? Almost impossible here!! and they make it seem like an insult that you don't want to be a student case study. I don't like that. My body, my choice.Median rent shown in the chart is low because of the large amount of subsidized housing factored in. Try to find a 2 bedroom apartment for $800 and you are straight in the hood or very close to it. Too close for my comfort. A more realistic number for a 2 bedroom in decent neighborhoods is more like $1,000 and they go up to $1800+ if you choose to live downtown.Crime rate is falling but is still very high. Notice Durham did not provide the statistics on the crimes rates to Areavibes and I guarantee you it is higher than stated on this site. It is still very high. They don't want to tell because they want people to move here and don't want people scared off.Southpoint Mall is very nice but be cautious in that parking lot. You could get killed in it.I almost forgot to mention EVERYTHING is taxed here. and I mean everything. Car inspections on new cars (that's a tax), personal property tax which is due when you register your car or renew your registration (about 8% of the RETAIL value), food tax, hotel room tax, alcohol tax, real estate tax, city county state and jurisdiction taxes, parking taxes, tolls, OMG they kill you on taxes here.But yes, it is growing, they are trying to get a skyline. I still don't think there is much to do around here for free, for family outings, for cultural exploration besides plantation and slavery which I understand is the history. I think they need to work on diversity some more. The roads are well maintained. You will eat well. You will gain weight. That's my opinion.
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indieminiPosted on Oct 22, 2017
Small town charm with monumental achievements

Durhamite is a label I am proud to hold. Travelers only see glimpses of what the locals are so proud of. Nowhere else in North Carolina do you see this many trees and greenery, not even in the mountains. Durham is at once a thriving metro, and natural haven. Durham's history started with the largest tobacco empire in North Carolina, and is currently one of the largest research areas in the world (RTP), which is mostly part of Durham. Duke University is the pride and joy of Durham's various scholastic achievements, a vibrant center of scientific innovation. No big city excitement can compare to the blissful joy of enjoying a summer day at the Duke Gardens, or enjoying good music, food and many attractions at Durham's many festivals. From 1701, John Lawson, the English explorer called Durham the "flower of the Carolinas." I think that we have lived up to that name. With a multitude of job opportunities, diverse community, natural beauty and fun, what more do you want in a city. You can go to a city with glitz and glam, but Durham is historic, deep and tranquil. No review can do Durham justice, so I invite you to come experience the City of Medicine yourself.
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Ram98Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Durham, NC - Vacation Getaway

Every year, more than six million people visit Durham, North Carolina. They come to Durham to relax and enjoy the great golf and other attractions that the city offers. There are all sorts of interesting activities and things to do that offer visitors lots of fun. Bull City Dart League plays at various locations around Durham and offers exciting dart competition to those with some amount of skill in hand and eye coordination. Tournaments are held on Tuesday evenings and are open to visitors. For more adventurous people, Carolina Barnstormers offers a ride in the open cockpit of pilot Mike Ratty's bi-plane. Two people can come along on the 25 minute to one hour ride above Durham. It's exhilarating and a great way to see the city of Durham. Durham, North Carolina is a city that offers a relaxed atmosphere and a variety of fun activities. Durham is a city where people enjoy friendly competition and supportive fellowship. I had nothing but good times during my stay in Durham. I recommend Durham as a place to live or vacation to anyone who enjoys having a good time.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 05, 2010
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