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DeSoto, TX Continues To Grow

I have lived in DeSoto, Texas many years. It was formerly a bedroom community outside of Dallas. It has grown considerably with the new influx of people into the Metroplex. It has also been fueled by the corresponding flight into the suburbs. When the housing boom of a few years ago is added, you have modern DeSoto. Many parts of the town has struggled to remain a large community with the same appeal of the old town. They have been successful to various degrees. However, there also some good things that come with the rapid expansion into the suburbs. Shopping is certainly one of them. There has been an influx of shopping both in fine clothing and outlet style malls. This means that there are many more options. People still like the old town. These people are keeping the small independent shops and boutiques thriving. High school sports are big in Texas. The influx means that there are many more opportunities to experience the best high school sports in the country. The proximity to the city cannot be outstated also. If there is any reason to go into the city, it can be accessed easily. Often we go into town simply to be out in the city at night. Museums and some of the best steaks in the world can be had in Dallas. However, that is the benefit of the sprawl. We do not have to go to the city to enjoy great restaurants or clubbing. There are many new venues that are fun to attend. There are also some of the familiar spots that we have always loved. These places remind us of the old town. I think they will always exist for this reason.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 17, 2015
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