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Columbus City Guide & Data
Population (2012)787,033
Population (2000)711,644
Population growth10.6%
Household income$43,122
Income per capita$23,144
Male/Female ratio0.95:1
Males 18-39 years43.5%
Females 18-39 years40.3%
Married (15yrs and older)44.0%
Have children (under 18yrs)51.9%
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Stay Away if you can!I have lived in Columbus, OH for about 4 years now and I am about to move... CAN'T WAIT! I have lived in Tampa, NYC, Long Island, Myrtle Beach, and have traveled abroad. This is the absolute worse place to live! Not all, but many peopleRead full review
Drug Infested College TownDrugs are so bad in Columbus that the police don't even want to know about small (less than a pound) drug sales. They aren't going to take a report for open drug activity in the bars around the university. I was told that the penalty forRead full review

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  • cparas posted a question in Columbus
  • May 20, 2014
Are these Stereotypes about Columbus true?Hey Guys, my company wrote a post on some stereotypes about Columbus and we want to know what you think...are the accurate or did we miss the mark?See full question
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  • AV Jon posted a question in Columbus
  • January 25, 2011
What do people like most about Columbus, OH?I've visited Columbus on several occasions and have always had a positive experience. Prior to my visits there were always a few people that would talk negatively about the city when I mentioned that I would be visiting. What I liked mostSee full question
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Neighborhoods in & around Columbus, OH

Weinland Park, Columbus0.6North Central, Columbus2.2
Milo Grogan, Columbus0.6Near East, Columbus2.4
Italian Village, Columbus0.6Olentangy River Road, Columbus2.7
Victorican Village, Columbus0.9Brewery, Columbus2.9
South Linden, Columbus1.3Southside, Columbus3
University, Columbus1.4North Linden, Columbus3.2
Harrison West, Columbus1.5Franklinton, Columbus3.2
Downtown, Columbus1.7Bexley, Columbus3.3
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Cities near Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH0Lincoln Village, OH7.9
Grandview Heights, OH2.7Huber Ridge, OH8.2
Bexley, OH3.6Obetz, OH8.2
Upper Arlington, OH4.5Hilliard, OH8.6
Whitehall, OH6.1Blacklick Estates, OH8.9
Minerva Park, OH6.5Grove City, OH9
Gahanna, OH7Westerville, OH10
Worthington, OH7.2Reynoldsburg, OH10.3
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