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Small city growing..

I've lived in South Columbia my entire life. I was born here. I still am not used to Missouri winters. It gets very cold. There are years it snows and ices a lot. Summer's here are hot and humid, but the town in beautiful. We are home of the Missouri Tigers, and Columbia is a college town. It's grown a lot over the years. Local schools get a fairly bad rating in my book. I have three children and the student/teacher ratios are horrible (sometimes 28:1). I am actually looking to move our young family at this time. Crime is high in Columbia, over recent years it's skyrocketed. By all means if your moving into the area look in Columbia's south side, north Columbia has more crimes and schools aren't the best.
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Mamide3Posted on Feb 17, 2014
Columbia, MO - Big City Offerings With a Small Town Feel

I have lived only a few hours from Columbia, Missouri most of my life, and have the pleasure of traveling there several times a year. Columbia is the home of the University of Missouri and their Big 12 conference Missouri Tigers, as well as Columbia and Stephens Colleges. The college town feel makes this a wonderful place to visit, for games, shopping and entertainment. Due to the presence of the colleges, hotels and restaurants are plentiful for a city of just over 100,000 residents and offer a much more cosmopolitan atmosphere than expected. All the conveniences of a city can be found in this small town. Downtown Columbia is home to many small restaurants and specialty shops, as well as one of the mid-west's premier music venues. Well known for presenting national acts in an intimate setting, several of these clubs regularly host artists doing warm-up performances before embarking on national tours. Restaurants are enhanced by a healthy Indian community who offer authentic foods from their homeland. Columbia, Missouri host several festivals throughout the year including, The Roots and Blues Bar-B-Que Festival and the Boone County Fair. You'll always find something to do in Columbia.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 23, 2010
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