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Neighborhood Party Houses/Boarding Houses - BIG PROBLEM for quiet neighborhoods!

I'v lived in College Station for over twenty years and had some real problems, about ten years ago the house next door was sold and rented to students by the room. Since then there have been MANY drunken parties, mostly after the bars close, then going on until 3 or 4 AM. What happens during the early morning hours, just good people outside having fun until a fight breaks out... then yelling..., people leaving angrily in cars/trucks, sometimes driving through the middle your yard! Then there are the mostly quite nights with people urinating all over the trees/yards/streets... The city might consider putting outhouses in front of the boarding houses!? We've even had a car drive into an Oak Tree in our yard late one night. Complaining to the city and calling the police would sometimes work until the next group of students arrived, note you might have angry partiers mutilating your house in revenge, been there! Please note there were some groups of students that were pleasant and didn't cause any trouble. Still I would NEVER purchase a house in College Station knowing than an investor could buy the house next door and turn it into a boarding house and rent it out by the room to students. Sadly this IS ruining the neighborhoods! The city is in complete denial about this and is siding with the investors, neighborhood groups are attempting to shut this rental by room houses down. Until this is resolved I would go elsewhere to live. Sorry but living next to a boarding house renting by the room I'd rate a negative 5.
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George HeyserPosted on Apr 12, 2017
A Perfect Mini Vacation in College Station, Texas

My daughter attends college at A & M University in College Station, Texas. My husband and I went to visit her over spring break. I was very surprised how easy it was for us to find a nice hotel to stay in. There were several to choose from that were conveniently located near the college. This was a big plus for us. College Station had a large variety of nice restaurants to choose from too. That was important to us as well, because we all have a different taste in what type of food we like to eat. My daughter and I love to shop every chance we get, so we spent a day shopping in College Station. It was nice that we could shop in stores that most other major cities have. We found some noveltie shops that were fun to browse around in. My husband went and played some golf while we went shopping. He was amazed at the fact they had 8 golf choices to choose from. On the last day of our mini vacation in College Station, we went to visit the Bon fire Memorial. This memorial was a tribute to the 12 Aggie students who lost their lives building the bon fire in November, 1999. That night we went dancing with our daughter and her date at a place called Daisy Dukes. We all had a great time. Overall we found College Station, Texas a very nice place to visit and a perfect place for College students to enjoy while they are continuing their education.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 05, 2010
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