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Chino is a shithole

Lived here for a year and I can't wait to leave this shit town. Ghetto, dirty, and full of losers. My house was broken into twice, my car was keyed while in my driveway, and kids throw trash into my yard. Losers drive their piece of shit cars 90 miles an hour down the streets. There's no police presence. I've seen a cop car maybe three times in a year. I feel like I'm living in Compton. Shit town. Stay away
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ChinosucksPosted on Jul 17, 2017
Chino, CA - Nice City, Despite What TV Tells You

I have lived in Southern California for the last 10 years and have been to Chino several times. They have a nice community with a bad reputation thanks to the TV show The O.C.. The show depicts Chino as a slum, which is far from the truth. There are a few very nice museums in the city of Chino, Planes of Fame and Yanks Air Museum. Chino also has several beautiful parks where I have been to a few family gatherings. The batting cages in Chino were really fun for my kids and their cousins. There is also a very nice museum for young adults called the Chino Youth Museum. This museum tries to make ties between the different generations and teach the youth about the history of the area. The city of Chino is also home to one of the three Chaffey College campuses. I had a friend who went to this campus and she said that the school was well taken care of and the teachers were very knowledgeable on their specific subjects.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 05, 2010
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