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Chesterfield, MO - A Great Place To Live

I relocated to Chesterfield last year, and I have to say I am really happy with the city. The school system there is great and the teachers, at least the ones my children have known, have been wonderful. The place where we lived before did not have a public pool, and while I took my children to the lake often, we always said it'd be nice to swim in a pool. Luckily Chesterfield has one at Central Park. Now instead of going to the lake, we head over to the park and swim in the pool or relax in the lazy river. I really like the fact that Chesterfield has a bus system to help get around town. Unfortunately Chesterfield does not have light rail throughout the city, but there is light rail service if I want to travel to St. Louis for the day. The city is intent on making the neighborhoods pleasing to look at, so they have helped residents with the costs of planting trees along their streets. This makes the neighborhoods cooler with the added shade. Before I moved to Chesterfield, I lived in a much smaller community, so getting used to the city was a little difficult. Crime isn't too much of an issue here, but there are definitely some areas of town that I wouldn't like to be in late at night. But for the most part, I feel safe in Chesterfield. I really like living in Chesterfield because of the variety of family-friendly activities and the great weather. The parks, athletic center, and biking trails are great resources to have that help get my children out of the house year round. If we want a change of scenery, we are close enough to St. Louis to take the light rail and visit some of the family attractions there.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 27, 2012
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