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Tucson And Catalina Foothills

Tucson, Arizona is nestled in a valley between four mountain ranges. The Santa Catalinas are to the north, the Rincons to the east, the Tucson Mountains are to the west and the Santa Ritas to the south. The Catalinas are home to Mount Lemmon. At just over 9000 feet, a winding road takes the visitor from the stark desert below to an alpine playground thickly forested with Yellow pine. In the summer, the mountain is a cool retreat from the stifling heat of the valley floor and in winter offers excellent snow skiing an hour from pool side. I moved to Tucson from Saginaw, Michgan in 1960 and although, at that time, the population was just over 200,000, it had the feel of a much smaller town. The town was built on tourism and its winter population was enhanced by the multitude of visitors arriving to get out of the freezing winters of the Midwest and East Coast. The town grew quickly with its sun-filled weather, the tranquil ambiance and friendly people. Developments sprang up and soon high dollar homes were being constructed in the rolling Catalina Foothills; the majority of which made up a portion of Howard Hugh's portfolio. Tucson went from cowtown to metropolitan and hosts a wide variety of activities and attractions in a beautiful desert setting. There are now several luxurious resorts that sport world-class golf courses, the many restaurants offer fine dining on regional and international cuisine and there is no end for opportunities to enjoy art, theatre and museums. Tucson has always boasted avid sports fans and the University of Arizona basketball and football teams are cheered along with great fervor. For those looking for a great place to visit or live, try Catalina Foothills first.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Mar 23, 2012
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