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Nice for families but thats about it

i was born and raised in Butte and couldn't wait to get out. Butte is pretty much the red headed step child of montana. it has a very rugged reputation and nown for being an "old minning town". being a local for 23 years, it really not as bad as others may think. it has its share of drinkers and drug users, but what montana city doesn't? you can pretty much go any direction from Butte and have a ton of options to visit other places. PROS: cheap place to live but also cheap wages. good place to raise a family because there really isn't much else to do in Butte.... decent education, good community base, everyone seems to lookout for eachother and most people are pretty nice and friendly. Most people of Butte are pretty accepting and open to whoever comes thru. CONS: goodluck getting a good job unless you "know someone", the wages suck, even tho the cost of living is cheap you'll still find yourself living pay check to paycheck unless you have some sort of degree or certification. the shopping sucks. they have walmart, and a few small local boutiques. there is practically nothing to do, unless you like to drink. Summer is not bad, there is fold festival and evel knievel days, and OG fest in september. If you're a hunter you'll love the fall! There is not much for younger people in Butte unless you have kids or your a soundcloud rap artist. I will most likely not return to Butte, ever, its not horrible but there is just nothing there. Very slow paced compared to the rest of the world. Most people who are living in Butte or "lifers" and probably have no intention of leaving of changing their "Butte" ways!"
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hlamiauxPosted on Jul 11, 2017
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