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Lets Breeze to Bradenton, FL!

When I lived in Bradenton its was peaceful an quiet, much like my own getaway. Its a small town with population of about 50,000. With Year round sunshine and the cool ocean breeze, why wouldn't you want to live here? Its a wonderful place to just take a stroll along the waterfront downtown as the sun emerges from the Gulf in the morning. The culture is alive and also formed from the natural beauty of the land. Filled with friendly people there is no reason why you shouldn't feel welcomed. There are many wonderful hotels to stay at while your visit in Bradenton, FL. Bradenton is 7 miles from Bradenton Airport (Sarasota, FL). So It shouldn't be to much hassle to travel. The roads are very straight and narrow, meaning navigating around is very simple. They have an amazing pizza placed called Vertoris Pizza House and its a must if you visit or plan on moving here. If your looking for something a little more classy you should try Ortygia. While your at it you can drive on over to Desoto square and get your shop on. With over 100 specialty stores along with major retail stores, you should have a great day out with friends and family. There are many parks, to really make you enjoy the outside nature. Along with many other activities to do like, Astro Skate and Fun Center, Hunsader Farms, McKechnie Field, Rosa Fiorelli Winery & Vineyard, Hi-Tech Paintball Inc. you should never run out of something to do. With a huge variety of activities and things to choose from, it makes the experience of Bradenton even more exciting for not just kids but parents too. The night life is full of life but more quiet then some areas. Bradenton can be pricey at times, but certainly affordable. Driving through the streets of Bradenton are beautiful. Traffic is heavy at times, but never constant. For the most part and what I have experienced its safe, but there's a few areas that are not so nice to hang around, especially at night. Other then that i cant really say anything else bad. Overall view of things I would say that Bradenton is an amazing place to live and there is just no place like it.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 24, 2012
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