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Struggling to survive

The ratings I see here are a laugh! I got a full time, year round job in September 2015, and still don't live in Big Sky. I have tried to get affordable housing, but to my surprise, I was told my income level is slightly over to qualify for low income housing, but can't afford the high cost of other housing. I have been turned down, turned away, and even told that I don't belong here. I also heard that its a fact that people less fortunate that are not stacked with $$$$ are called "riff raff" and they don't want people like me to live near their huge, lavish homes. I really like my job, and the pay isn't bad. So why is it that I can't work, live, and be happy wherever I wish! Its a free country last time I checked. I have had no choice to be closer to work, and have resorted to living in my very small camper full time, 32 miles away. The area is full of the rich, and the wealthy retired. There is no place for the working class. I haven't felt welcomed, nor do I feel part of the so called (community) they seem to think they are. Along with many others, I commute daily form other community just to serve the rich, and wealthy. It's sickening that "we" the working class have to drive 100's of miles a every week, and struggle just to make ends meet. 'We" are the working class that keep businesses open, and bring in the money the local employers. It is us that is the community, and without us Big Sky would have nothing!!!!
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loneone7Posted on Mar 02, 2016
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