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poor medical care...they don't like medicare here...

If you have a chronic medical condition that needs care and you are on medicare, don't move here! I have rheumatoid arthritis, tough to get into to see a doc and then you have to beg to get your meds...was on cimzia at home, unable to get it here...it's been 10 mos and still not on it - couldn't figure out why, but 2 docs finally told me, plus countless nurses that they (hospitals) don't like medicare here! As so many of the drs receive their paychecks from the hospitals, they are told to limit medicare patients in their practice. So...the end result is not too good. I couldn't trust them if I had cancer or any worse condition than I have to give me the best care availiable...would always think they were saving the better drugs for the younger population! Who knows, is it Walmart also telling them to limit care? I was told the hospitals don't like medicare because they don't get enough reimbursement. No joke, folks! If you like the "Cooper Community" type development, try Tellico Village in Tennessee. I live there for 5 years...prettier community, smaller, more clubs and as affordable housing (nicer and newer) with no income tax. However, their sales tax (in TN) is high. Am so glad that I decided to rent - am moving in a month! By the way, heard that Medicaid care here was next to nonexistant!
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ginafPosted on Jan 01, 2012
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