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Arnold cops are thiefs

I had my car parked in the drive way yes the plates were expired. It is now July back in February a cop knocked on the door asked if I could put this orange sticker on my car on a day that it wasn't raining. He said move it or it would be towed in 3 days , ok so i moved it like the cop said. Like I said February its July 16. I came home this morning to find drag marks in the drive way no notes or anything. Called the police to report a stolen car they already knew who I was and said the took it. I spoke to the chief of police twice Shockey he hung up on me twice by him. I asked if I could get my tools out of the car he said no he was keeping them along with the car. I wouldn't recommend anyone to live here or even visit or even live here the cops are thief especially Shockey the chief I went to him for help and he didn't at all. This is a town with crooked cops and no one to turn to for help. I'm not the only one they have stolen from. The plates was blocked my a traffic cone I live on a dead end street why would the pick mine out of everyone elses. Cops are not aloud on your property unless given permission or have a warrant. Hopefully this helps some people that think about visiting or moving to Arnold Mo.
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DoeJohnPosted on Jul 16, 2012
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