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Utica, NY - A Memorable Trip

I have visited Utica as part of my exploration of upstate New York. I got on an Amtrak Empire Service train at Penn Station in midtown Manhattan, and ended up in downtown Utica in about 5 hours. It was a memorable train ride, passing through the beautiful countryside and mountains of New York state. I arrived in downtown Utica at the historic Boehlert Transportation Center at Union Station, which is right on main street. My first impression of Utica is that it is a typical upstate city, with a long history of heavy industry dating back to the 19th century. A walk along Genesee street tells the story of this city, as it is lined with historic buildings as well as modern developments. After the long train ride, I filled up my hungry stomach at Alee's Restaurant, as I was searching for something more authentic rather than McDonald's and pizza. It is actually an upscale restaurant, and I was lucky to get in without reservations. Glad I did, because the food was great! One of Utica's landmarks that immediately caught my eyes was the Stanley Center for the Arts, which is a classic movie palace. Unfortunately, there weren't any shows or events on that particular day. But speaking of culture, I enjoyed visiting the Utica Children's Museum of History and Space, which is right across the train station. Even though it is a kid oriented museum, I still satisfied my love for local history of Utica and the surrounding central New York region.
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