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Unique, exceptional retirement community.

Over past 9+ yrs., this city has doubled in size (95K) and is expected to grow to about 150K in next 5 years. The Villages is huge, probably the largest retirement community in the world. Villagers are "younger" and more active than others in their age group. So much to do, it's hard to narrow down what to experience next. Very, very focused on healthy, physical activities and sports (watching is OK, too). There's even a polo field offering lots of fun to observe professional's play - and more importantly, for residents to have tailgate parties using their golf carts! Plenty of good restaurants and shopping... if you can't find it here, Orlando is only about 60 miles away. The cost of housing (purchasing or renting), however, is much more expensive than similar residences in other locations. In general the population is relatively affluent compared to many other retirement areas. Most people have late model automobiles and many are at the upper end of the price spectrum. However, there are still lots of folks who live a more modest life-style in the "historic" side, where mobile & manufactured homes is the norm. You don't have to be rich to live here but this isn't the typical place I would have envisioned when thinking "retirement". Very little crime, quite safe and friendly, however, you can get a false sense of security and not be as careful... this is a mistake. TOO many non-residents with access and some take advantage of those who they perceive as up-scale, easy "marks" and heightens lower-income people to experience a sense of entitlement that leads to taking property that doesn't belong to them! The community developers run a very tight ship, employs the most people, and have found creative ways to make sure they earn as much money from each property owner and visitor as humanly possible. I figure it's the price you must pay for the amenities, luxury, fun and sense of over-all wellness people experience here. Is it perfect? Absolutely Not! However, I believe myself to be lucky enough to have found such a wonderful place to spend my retirement years and there are lots of other people who agree with me. It's funny, you come for a "visit" and wind up a resident... that speaks volumes.
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