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Relocating in June I am moving to St. Pete in June and am wondering about neighborhoods to rent an apartment. I lived there 20 years ago for a while and know things have changed. I am looking for safety #1 and hopefully next to trails to walk or bike or a park or a nice community - I walk my dog a couple times a day. Pinellas Point? Up by the Gandy/HF bridges? Or stick to downtown? Don't know where I am working yet so location is open. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks! Answer question
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Renting Mobile Homes: Bad Credit? Hi, I'm moving from the NYC area to Pinellas county shortly and would like to rent a trailer. Unfortunately I now have bad credit, and have been unable to work for the past year due to a disability. I don't yet receive disability benefits (still working on that) and will begin working once I get established again in a new location (I work from home and make about $35K a year..not enough to get by in NYC on your own, but I do what I love). But I do have money saved. Further, my rental history is spotty and outdated, due to having mostly lived with either roommates or family. My question is, if I am willing to pay 3 months in cash up front + deposit, how easy might it be to rent a mobile home anywhere in Pinellas County? I would pay 6 months up front except I don't plan on being there long-term, just until I get my credit and proof of income straightened out and my boyfriend finds a new job. Do I have a shot at someone renting to me? Not looking for anything too special, just a place where I likely won't be harassed or attacked. I'm a young female. Thanks Answer question
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Need help finding a safe and affordable neighborhood/apartment I'm looking to move to the St Petersburg area is obviously huge factor in my search and I'd like to be as close to downtown or a beach as possible.
Also, I'm in my mid-30's, so I dont wanna live near a frat house type area NOR a retirement community! Just something right in the middle.....any suggestions????
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