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Springfield, Ohio review

I have been a Springfield resident for all of my life, and I will try to give you the most accurate, neutral review possible of Springfield.PROS - There is a lot to do outdoors in and around Springfield! First, there is Buck Creek State Park, which offers so much to do: Camping, cabins to stay in, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming and more. There are also more places to go camping all around Springfield and Clark County. Also, you can visit our many city parks: Snyder Park, New Reid & Old Reid park, to name a few. Nearby are John Bryan State Park, Glen Helen Nature Preserve, Clifton Gorge, Cedar Bog Nature Preserve, Kiser Lake S.P., and Ohio Caverns (amazing, HUGE underground caves). There's also many (I mean, a lot) of bike trails in the area, which lead to many surrounding areas(Columbus, Cincinnati, Urbana, Dayton). Also, Springfield's location is convenient. It is just a short >hour drive from big attractions in Dayton and Columbus, and Cincinnati isn't far off, either. Other things you can do: You can visit our historical Heritage Museum and explore our rich history. Also, the museum of art in Veterans Park is a must - see. Speaking of Veterans park, there is the weeks-long Arts festival, a colorful celebration of the arts, with music, food, and art, in the summer. Another plus for Springfield is its many small businesses. You'll find plenty of family owned service companies (like car shops, roofing, HVAC, etc.) and some nice local coffee shops and restaurants (check out Rudy's!) Amenities are plentiful but can get repetitive (we have 5 Krogers). Also, most of the people are nice here. They keep to themselves most of the time but are not bad and really open up once you get to know them. If you are Christian, there are many churches to choose from, many of which serve the community daily. I know it looks like crime is high, but its only certain areas. I have never personally been the victim of a crime while I've lived here. Speaking of crime, we have a wonderful police department here - they care about keeping people safe, really! CONS - If you looked at the history of Springfield, you can see that its on a steady decline. In its prime, the early 20th century, Springfield was a major city with tons of factories and jobs.( the now gone East St. shops was 2nd largest factory in the world in early 1900s!) So many things were made here that aren't anymore. We were an industrial center. Now, many of those factories are torn down and abandoned. Our population is at its lowest since the 1920s! Jobs aren't very easy to come by, but you can find good ones if you try hard enough(many jobs are in surrounding areas- Dayton, Columbus, Honda in Marysville). Our public schools are below average, but there are some great private schools. Like I said, Springfield's crime is high in certain areas. The best areas in Springfield are the neighborhoods on the outskirts of the town, not in the town itself. If you dont like the outdoor attractions aforementioned, theres not much else to do here, except the few museums mentioned above. Also, our downtown is dead. There are hardly any shops (the malls in Dayton killed our downtown) and it is not very lively. All the surrounding town's downtowns are way nicer (like Urbana, Xenia, Troy, &London) Also, our mall, the Upper Valley Mall, is terrible, believe me. Its is so empty! All the big stores( JC Penney, Macy's, Elder Beerman, Sears) ALL left. It's like a ghost mall almost! Go to Beavercreek's Fairfield Commons Mall instead(30 mins. away). Another bad thing here is the roads. They need paved. Thankfully, a new tax levy passed, so that should be getting fixed soon. Overall, Springfield, Ohio is a decent small city that is worth consideration. Hopefully this review helps!
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This would be a town if it had a taxi....and somewhere to go.

The only taxi to be found in or around Springfield Ohio, is a cop car. Taxi cabs are non-existent or unreliable altogether. One told me they would pick my girlfriend up and deliver her to me....but he had just taken sleeping pills and did not think it a good idea? Really?Another taxi is available between the hours of ...phhhttt.....not an option.And still another taxi (last one!) simply doesn't ever answer the phone.>Enough said about the lack of transportation, public or paid you're on your own.I could comment on the "just-us" system here, but feel I've done enough of that elsewhere (and even made a pseudo-website at: http://municipal-court.ddns.net I made the website to document the case against my family....anyway i appealed to the court of appeals and yes, I'm absolutely the type to follow through to the supreme, and then federal courts and shout on the housetops every step of the way...phew glad I got that off my chest).So what's left here? Well, I could tell you about the people. I like the people here. Some of the citizens in this area appear conservative, but for the most part, black, white, hispanic, indian all alike, appear to be open to new ideas and friendly. Here's a plus, I haven't been held at knife or gunpoint yet, so that's saying something...sort of.I think the people here would like a new government leadership that doesn't "create" jobs (as if they're the magic-men) but inspire new businesses, not of the monopoly type...Springfield has enough of that and it appears to basically profit those most whom collect the taxes moreso than the people. No, this new leadership needs to LESSEN the stringent economic and social control over it's masses just long-enough so the damn kids can express themselves and bring to us NEW BUSINESSES! (*as opposed to the illusions of two choices in best buy or walmart, mcdonald's or burgerking, kroger or....). >I believe with a new leadership in Springfield, this place would almost POP overnight. The people are screaming for something exciting (hell, I caught myself hoping for a tornado one night....seriously).Although I find the population here to be highly rated, not so with the weather. If you wanted to go solar....you need 4 lots, it's not happening on an acre (if "codes" even allowed it without first paying them off). There's just not enough sun here for solar ";-( Likewise, if you wanted to maintain livable off-grid conditions, one wind generator isn't going to cut it, there's some decent wind right now but all-in-all I firmly believe that only the property-wealthy are standing much of a chance for a one-generation self-powered homestead.Geeze, you know ..... the only reason I'm bothering to leave this review of Springfield is the fact that I'm stuck.....I've never lived in a town without a taxi...>One more thing I almost overlooked. Springfield has GREAT soil if you want to grow your own food! I would like to see my immediate community here in the German Township of Springfield create a common collective of the properties for the benefit of the immediate community. For instance, I have an acre without fences and so do all of my neighbors....we all have unused, potentially profitable yet untapped resources (we'll call them back yards) that all connect together without fences.....but what if we put up a fence to include part of each of our yards, we sign a contract that if one wants to drop out then that person need only alter the fence off their piece of the community spread...to clarify, the fence would not be erected to keep people out but to keep the critters at bay. We would MAKE time to be in that common garden! Some because they're bored and some because they want to chat with their other immediate neighbor, we'd all reap the benefit of garden-fresh food at almost zero-cost....a fence, a seed, a hoe";-)I believe Springfield has a decent Fire Department, too. One time (true story) a plastic plant was seen to be on fire and although it was already extinguished by yours-truly the Springfield Fire Department not only stayed to ensure the fire was extinguished, but maintained clear and concise reports of the incident complete with an estimated loss statement. These guys were there in very timely manner. A+ in my opinion.Sigh....well....hmmm No taxi, huh. hmm.... potential need/market/income....all I need is a license.....a leased car.......hmmmm......
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Springfield, Ohio: Great Outdoor Fun

In early June 2010 my husband and I spent three days camping in Springfield, Ohio. We took our camper and stayed at Bass Lake Campground which is located at 756 Hilliard Street. This was a very nice, clean, and family friendly campground. The first day of our trip to Springfield we took our bikes to John Bryan State Park. This state park was gorgeous and had two excellent bike trails. My husband and I enjoyed spending most of the day biking on the trails. The park also had a really nice picnic area where we enjoyed the lunch we had packed. That evening we went to Rudy's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que for dinner. Even though this restaurant was fairly inexpensive, the food was excellent. The only thing we didn't like about the restaurant is that they didn't serve any alcoholic beverages. The second day of our trip we went hiking the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. There were so many amazing waterways and fields along the trails that we could have spent days hiking at the preserve. We like the preserve so much that we stopped at the preserve's nature shop to buy T shirts before we left. Since we liked the outdoors of Springfield so much, we have decided that we will camp in Springfield, Ohio for a week in the fall.
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