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bank debit card overdraft re-checking ripp off. Why is it that the mainstream news (fox, Cnn, nbc etc.) doesn`t tell the public that and how the banks are ripping off all customers with debit cards attched to checking accounts? $35.00 fees on overdrafts of debit cards. Bank of america is orded by the court to pay $410 million in a class action decision. The class of people that are being ripped off are ones that don`t have enough money to keep a large enough ballence in a checking account to make sure that there are no overdrafts. I asked Morgan and Morgan for the people, to start aclass action against suntrust bank for stealing money via re-checking debit card charges. Suntrust bank holds funds so that they can pay the charge on your debit card starting with your higest charge first. That way they can cause you to come up short on your payments. Charging you a $35.00 fee on all the rest of your charges that day. they should be paying your charges in the order that made them. WELL Morgan and Morgan for the people declined. Morgan and Morgan----- for what people ? SILVERMUDFLAPS Answer question
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