Cities in Saskatchewan

Population: 1,188,823

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Saskatchewan Overview

Statistic Value
Population 1,188,823
Population Density 2 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 37
Male To Female Ratio 0.98 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 69.55%
Families w/ Kids under 18 40.78%
Speak English 94.34%

Saskatchewan Demographics

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $83,941
Unemployment Rate 5%
No Certificate 19%
Completed High School 80.78%
Bachelors Degree 15%
Masters Degree 5%
Avg. School Score n/a%

Saskatchewan: Land of the Living Skies

Saskatchewan is not known as Canada's Breadbasket by mere coincidence. For decades, the fertile prairie land in the area attracted hundreds of immigrants who left a legacy of wheat farming in the province. Today, the Wheat Province has grown in stature to become one of Canada’s feeding baskets. The region has over one million residents and is one of the largest in terms of landmass. The Great Plains provide a charming backdrop, dotted with unique historical sites, beautiful weather, welcoming people, and a vibrant economy. Saskatchewan is the ideal picturesque location for settlement or vacation.

Saskatchewan covers more than 251,700 square miles and is bordered to the south by the United States and Northwest Territories to the north. Saskatchewan also shares its borders with Manitoba and Alberta to the east and west, respectively, and Nunavuton its northeastern boundary. Regina, with over 240,000 residents, is the capital city and Saskatoon is the province’s largest city and home to over 300,000 people.

Known as Land of the Living Skies, Saskatchewan has distinct geography defined by the Great Plains that cover vast stretches of land in the province. Saskatchewan's unique land features were sculptured by glaciation. Saskatchewan boasts spectacular landforms, including river valleys, veneered sediments, rolling hills, and outcroppings. Over 100,000 lakes and dozens of rivers add to the magnificence of the landscape. From boreal woodland forests in the north to mixed forests in the south, and short prairie grasses in the plains, Saskatchewan has different flora that adds to its beauty.

Saskatchewan records hot summers and snowy and cold winters. Several animals, including gophers, songbirds, owls, bears, moose, coyotes, and bison, call the province home. Most of these animals are found spread across the numerous parks in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan is a melting pot of culture, with thousands of people from different cultures calling the province home. A visit to the province is incomplete without marveling at the history-old cultural heritage of First Nations preserved in several UNESCO World Heritage sites in Saskatoon. Saskatchewan is a mix of trendiness, warmth, and vibrancy that charm visitors.

All Saskatchewan cities

AbbeyAberdeenAberdeen No. 373AbernethyAbernethy No. 186Ahtahkakoop 104Air RongeAlamedaAlbertvilleAlice BeachAlidaAllanAlvenaAnnaheimAntelope Park No. 322Antler No. 61AquadeoArborfieldArborfield No. 456ArcherwillArcolaArgyle No. 1Arlington No. 79Arm River No. 252ArranAsquithAssiniboiaAssiniboine 76AtwaterAuvergne No. 76AvonleaAylesburyAylshamB-Say-TahBaildon No. 131BalcarresBalgonieBangorBarrier Valley No. 397Battle River No. 438BattlefordBayne No. 371Beardy's 97 and Okemasis 96Beardy's and Okemasis 96 and 97ABeardy's and Okemasis 96 and 97BBeattyBeauvalBeaver FlatBeaver River No. 622BeechyBelle PlaineBengoughBengough No. 40Benson No. 35BethuneBienfaitBig Arm No. 251Big Island Lake Cree TerritoryBig Quill No. 308Big RiverBig River 118Big River No. 555Big ShellBig Stick No. 141BiggarBiggar No. 347Birch HillsBirch Hills No. 460Bird's PointBjorkdaleBjorkdale No. 426BladworthBlaine LakeBlaine Lake No. 434Blucher No. 343Bone Creek No. 108BordenBrabant LakeBrackenBradwellBratt's Lake No. 129BredenburyBriercrestBritannia No. 502BroadviewBrockBrock No. 64BroderickBrokenshell No. 68Browning No. 34BrownleeBrunoBuchananBuchanan No. 304Buckland No. 491Buena VistaBuffalo NarrowsBuffalo No. 409Buffalo River Dene Nation 193 (Peter Pond Lake 193)BulyeaBurstallCabriCadillacCalderCalder No. 241Caledonia No. 99Cambria No. 6Cana No. 214Canaan No. 225Candle LakeCanoe Lake 165CanoraCanwoodCanwood No. 494CarievaleCarlyleCarmichaelCarmichael No. 109CarnduffCaron No. 162CaronportCarrot RiverCarrot River 29ACentral ButteCeylonChamberlainChaplinChaplin No. 164Chester No. 125Chesterfield No. 261Chicken 224Chicken 225Chitek LakeChitek Lake 191ChoicelandChorney BeachChristopher LakeChurchbridgeChurchbridge No. 211ClavetClayton No. 333Clearwater River Dene 222Clearwater River Dene Band 223ClimaxClinworth No. 230Coalfields No. 4CochinCoderreCodetteCole BayColevilleColonsayColonsay No. 342Connaught No. 457ConquestConsulCorman Park No. 344CoronachCote 64Cote No. 271Coteau BeachCoteau No. 255Coulee No. 136Cowessess 73CraikCraik No. 222CravenCreelmanCreightonCudworthCumberland 100ACumberland HouseCumberland House Cree Nation 20CuparCupar No. 218Cut KnifeCut Knife No. 439Cymri No. 36DafoeDalmenyDavidsonDay Star 87DebdenDeer Forks No. 232DelisleDenare BeachDenholmDenzilDilkeDinsmoreDisleyDivision No. 18, UnorganizedDodslandDore LakeDorintoshDouglas No. 436DrakeDrinkwaterDubucDuck LakeDuck Lake No. 463DuffDufferin No. 190DundurnDundurn No. 314DuvalDysartEagle Creek No. 376Eagles Lake 165CEarl GreyEastendEatoniaEbenezerEcho BayEdamEdenwoldEdenwold No. 158ElbowElcapo No. 154Eldon No. 471ElfrosElfros No. 307Elmsthorpe No. 100ElroseEmerald No. 277EndeavourEnfield No. 194EnglefeldEnniskillen No. 3Enterprise No. 142ErnfoldEsterhazyEstevanEstevan No. 5EstonEtters BeachExcel No. 71Excelsior No. 166Eye Hill No. 382EyebrowEyebrow No. 193FairlightFenwoodFertile Belt No. 183Fertile Valley No. 285FillmoreFillmore No. 96FindlaterFish Creek No. 402Fishing Lake 89FlaxcombeFlemingFlett's Springs No. 429Flin Flon (Part)Flying Dust First Nation 105 (Meadow Lake 105)Foam LakeFoam Lake No. 276Fond du Lac 227ForgetFort Qu'AppelleFort SanFosstonFox ValleyFox Valley No. 171FrancisFrancis No. 127Frenchman Butte No. 501FrobisherFrontierFrontier No. 19GainsboroughGarden River No. 490Garry No. 245GeraldGlaslynGlen Bain No. 105Glen EwenGlen HarbourGlen McPherson No. 46GlenavonGlensideGlenside No. 377Golden PrairieGolden West No. 95Good Lake No. 274GoodeveGoodsoilGoodwaterGordon 86GovanGrand CouleeGrandmother's Bay 219Grandview BeachGrandview No. 349Grant No. 372Grass Lake No. 381Grassy Creek No. 78GravelbourgGravelbourg No. 104GraysonGrayson No. 184Great Bend No. 405Green LakeGreig LakeGrenfellGriffin No. 66Grizzly Bear's Head 110 and Lean Man 111Gull LakeGull Lake No. 139HaffordHagueHalbriteHanleyHappy Valley No. 10Happyland No. 231HarrisHarris No. 316Hart Butte No. 11HawardenHazel Dell No. 335Hazelwood No. 94HazenmoreHazletHeart's Hill No. 352HepburnHerbertHewardHillsborough No. 132Hillsdale No. 440HodgevilleHoldfastHoodoo No. 401HubbardHudson BayHudson Bay No. 394HumboldtHumboldt No. 370Huron No. 223HyasÎle-à-la-CrosseImperialIndian HeadIndian Head No. 156Insinger No. 275Invergordon No. 430InvermayInvermay No. 305Island ViewItunaItuna Bon Accord No. 246James Smith 100Jans BayJansenKahkewistahaw 72KamsackKannata ValleyKatepwaKeelerKeeseekoose 66Keeseekoose 66-KE-04Keeseekoose 66-KE-05Keeseekoose 66AKelliherKellross No. 247KelvingtonKelvington No. 366KenastonKendalKennedyKenosee LakeKerrobertKey West No. 70Keys No. 303KillalyKimosom Pwatinahk 203 (Deschambault Lake)KincaidKindersleyKindersley No. 290King George No. 256Kingsley No. 124Kinistin 91KinistinoKinistino No. 459KinleyKinoosao-Thomas Clark 204KiplingKisbeyKitsakie 156BKivimaa-Moonlight BayKrydorKyleLa LocheLa Plonge 192La RongeLac La Hache 220Lac La Ronge 156Lac Pelletier No. 107Lacadena No. 228LaflecheLairdLaird No. 404Lajord No. 128Lake AlmaLake Alma No. 8Lake Johnston No. 102Lake LenoreLake Lenore No. 399Lake of the Rivers No. 72Lakeland No. 521Lakeside No. 338Lakeview No. 337LampmanLancerLandisLangLangenburgLangenburg No. 181LanghamLaniganLashburnLast Mountain Valley No. 250Laurier No. 38Lawtonia No. 135LeaderLeaskLeask No. 464LebretLembergLeovilleLerossLeroyLeroy No. 339Leslie BeachLestockLibertyLimerickLintlawLiptonLipton No. 217Little Black Bear 84Little Bone 74BLittle Hills 158Little Hills 158BLittle Pine 116Little Red River 106CLittle Red River 106DLivingston No. 331Lloydminster (Part)Lomond No. 37Lone Tree No. 18Longlaketon No. 219Loon LakeLoon Lake No. 561LoreburnLoreburn No. 254Lost River No. 313LoveLucky LakeLumsdenLumsden BeachLumsden No. 189LuselandMacklinMacNuttMacounMacrorieMaidstoneMajorMakaoo (Part) 120MakwaMakwa Lake 129Makwa Lake 129BMakwa Lake 129CManitou BeachManitou Lake No. 442MankotaMankota No. 45ManorMaple Bush No. 224Maple CreekMaple Creek No. 111MarcelinMarengoMargoMariposa No. 350MarkinchMarquisMarquis No. 191Marriott No. 317MarsdenMarshallMartensvilleMartin No. 122MaryfieldMaryfield No. 91Mayfield No. 406MaymontMcCraney No. 282McKillop No. 220McLeanMcLeod No. 185McTaggartMeachamMeadow LakeMeadow Lake 105AMeadow Lake No. 588Meath ParkMedsteadMedstead No. 497Meeting Lake No. 466MelfortMelvilleMelville BeachMendhamMeotaMeota No. 468MervinMervin No. 499MetinotaMichel VillageMidaleMiddle LakeMildenMilden No. 286MilestoneMilton No. 292Ministikwan 161Ministikwan 161AMintonMiry Creek No. 229MissinipeMistatimMistawasis 103MistusinneMonet No. 257MontmartreMontmartre No. 126Montreal Lake 106Montreal Lake 106BMontrose No. 315Moose Creek No. 33Moose JawMoose Jaw No. 161Moose Mountain No. 63Moose Range No. 486MoosominMoosomin 112BMoosomin No. 121Morin Lake 217Morris No. 312MorseMorse No. 165MortlachMosquito 109MossbankMount Hope No. 279Mount Pleasant No. 2Mountain View No. 318MuensterMuscowpetung 80Muskeg Lake 102BMuskeg Lake 102DMuskeg Lake 102EMuskeg Lake 102FMuskeg Lake Cree Nation 102Muskoday First NationMuskowekwan 85Muskowekwan 85-10Muskowekwan 85-15Muskowekwan 85-26Muskowekwan 85-28Muskowekwan 85-29Muskowekwan 85-33Muskowekwan 85-8NaicamNeilburgNekaneet Cree NationNetherhillNeudorfNevilleNewcombe No. 260NipawinNipawin No. 487NokomisNorquayNorth BattlefordNorth Battleford No. 437North GroveNorth PortalNorth Qu'Appelle No. 187Norton No. 69Oakdale No. 320Ocean Man 69Ocean Man 69AOcean Man 69COcean Man 69DOcean Man 69EOcean Man 69FOcean Man 69GOcean Man 69HOcean Man 69IOchapowace 71Ochapowace 71-54OdessaOgemaOkanese 82Old Post No. 43One Arrow 95One Arrow 95-1AOne Arrow 95-1COne Arrow 95-1DOpaskwayak Cree Nation 27A (Carrot River)Orkney No. 244OsageOslerOutlookOxbowPaddockwoodPaddockwood No. 520PangmanParadise HillParkdale No. 498ParksidePasqua 79PatuanakPayntonPaynton No. 470Pebble BayePeepeekisis 81Pelican Lake 191APelican Lake 191BPelican NarrowsPelican Narrows 184BPelican PointePellyPennantPensePense No. 160PerduePerdue No. 346Pheasant Rump Nakota 68Piapot 75Piapot No. 110PiercelandPilgerPilot ButtePinehousePinto Creek No. 75Pittville No. 169Pleasant Valley No. 288PleasantdalePleasantdale No. 398PlentyPlunkettPonass Lake No. 367PonteixPoorman 88Poplar Valley No. 12Porcupine No. 395Porcupine PlainPoundmaker 114Prairie Rose No. 309Prairiedale No. 321PreecevillePreeceville No. 334PrelatePrimatePrince AlbertPrince Albert National ParkPrince Albert No. 461Progress No. 351Prud'HommePunnichyQu'AppelleQuill LakeQuintonRadissonRadvilleRamaRaymoreReciprocity No. 32Red Earth 29Red Pheasant 108Redberry No. 435Redburn No. 130RedversReford No. 379ReginaRegina BeachReno No. 51RheinRichardRichmoundRidgedaleRiverhurstRiverside No. 168RocanvilleRocanville No. 151Roche PercéeRockglenRodgers No. 133Rose ValleyRosedale No. 283Rosemount No. 378RosetownRosthernRosthern No. 403RouleauRound Hill No. 467Round Valley No. 410RuddellRudy No. 284Rush LakeSakimay 74SaltcoatsSaltcoats No. 213Sandy BaySarnia No. 221Saskatchewan BeachSaskatchewan Landing No. 167SaskatoonSasman No. 336Saulteaux 159Saulteaux 159ASceptreScottScott No. 98SedleySeekaskootch 119SemansSenlacSenlac No. 411ShamrockShamrock No. 134ShaunavonShehoShell LakeShellbrookShellbrook No. 493Sherwood No. 159Shesheep 74AShieldsShoal Lake 28ASiltonSilverwood No. 123SimpsonSintalutaSliding Hills No. 273SmeatonSmileySnipe Lake No. 259Souris Valley No. 7South LakeSouth Qu'Appelle No. 157Southend 200Southend No. 200ASoutheySpaldingSpalding No. 368SpeersSpiritwoodSpiritwood No. 496SpringsideSpy HillSpy Hill No. 152St. Andrews No. 287St. BenedictSt. BrieuxSt. George's HillSt. GregorSt. LouisSt. Louis No. 431St. Peter No. 369St. Philips No. 301St. WalburgStanding Buffalo 78Stanley 157Stanley No. 215Star Blanket 83Star Blanket 83CStar CityStar City No. 428StenenStewart ValleyStockholmStonehenge No. 73Stony RapidsStorthoaksStorthoaks No. 31StoughtonStrasbourgStrongfieldSturgeon Lake 101Sturgeon Weir 184FSturgisSuccessSucker River 156C (Nemebien River 156C)Sun ValleySunset CoveSurprise Valley No. 9Sutton No. 103Sweet Grass 113Sweet Grass 113-M16Swift CurrentSwift Current No. 137TantallonTecumseh No. 65Terrell No. 101TessierThe Gap No. 39The Key 65TheodoreThodeThree Lakes No. 400Thunderchild First Nation 115BThunderchild First Nation 115CTimber BayTisdaleTisdale No. 427Tobin LakeTogoTompkinsTorch River No. 488TorquayTouchwood No. 248Tramping LakeTramping Lake No. 380Treaty Four Reserve Grounds 77TribuneTugaskeTullymet No. 216Turnor LakeTurnor Lake 193BTurtle River No. 469TurtlefordTuxfordUnityUsborne No. 310Val MarieVal Marie No. 17ValparaisoVanguardVanscoyVanscoy No. 345VibankVictory No. 226ViscountViscount No. 341VondaWa-Pii Moos-Toosis (White Calf) 83AWadenaWahpaton 94AWakawWakaw LakeWaldeckWaldheimWaldronWallace No. 243Walpole No. 92Wapachewunak 192DWapaskokimaw 202WapellaWarmanWasecaWaterhen 130WatrousWatsonWaverley No. 44Wawken No. 93WawotaWebbWebb No. 138Wee Too BeachWeekesWeirdaleWeldonWellington No. 97WelwynWest EndWeyakwinWeyburnWeyburn No. 67Wheatlands No. 163Whiska Creek No. 106White Bear 70White CityWhite FoxWhite Valley No. 49WhitecapWhitewoodWilcoxWilkieWillner No. 253Willow BunchWillow Bunch No. 42Willow Creek No. 458Willowdale No. 153Wilton No. 472WindthorstWinslow No. 319Wise Creek No. 77WisetonWitchekan Lake 117Witchekan Lake 117DWolseleyWolseley No. 155Wolverine No. 340Wood Creek No. 281Wood MountainWood Mountain 160Wood River No. 74Wreford No. 280WynyardYarboYellow GrassYellow Quill 90-9Yellowquill 90YorktonYoungZealandiaZelmaZenon Park