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Simplicity in a Small Town

As someone who has lived in the Port Orange, FL area for over 20 years, I have seen that city grow from a small town to a bustling area of people and attractions. Since I have lived in the same home while I've been in the city, I don't know a lot about the other homes, but those that are in the outskirts of the main town are older and charming. I have noticed that there has been a spike in apartment complexes in the city. There have also been more small businesses added. When I travel to the downtown area, I often see people walking along the sidewalks, searching for the elusive place to get a good meal or a shopping center that has the high-end products. Many of the stores are owned by local business workers who make crafts or sell items unique to the area. There are larger chains, but I try to avoid those stores because they are usually crowded. I like the restaurants in the area. Many of them serve fresh foods, like salads made of fruit from the area and a lot of chicken with pasta. Finding a nightclub is almost out of the question as this isn't a town where people like to hang out in clubs. There are quite a few golf courses, and I have noticed that there are a few more elderly people who live here than there are younger people, which is why I am trying to find somewhere else to move. One of the benefits of living here is that Daytona Beach is only a short distance away, so I can go lay on the warm sand of one of the most popular beaches on the east coast whenever I want.
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