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I have a question about the crime in Pensacola. My husband and I are thinking about moving to Florida and were considering Pensacola. We read that Pensacola got an F rating for crime, we saw online gang banger videos sounding threatening. Is the crime really that bad or is it just in certain areas. We need a safe lower economic area to live in. Can we live in Pensacola with out being afraid of being robbed, stabbed or murdered? Honest reviews greatly appreciated! Answer question
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apt communities w/pool I have read so much about Pensecola IS IT SAFE?????I have three kids 6 14 17 yrs old and trying to find a rental in a good area up to $700 Is that unrealistic?? thanks What are safe ares? Answer question
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Don't believe it As for housing here it's in the toilet in 07 I paid $106k and have 121k in it been here 8 years and the place has got worse every year, Realtors won't even list your house unless your willing to list at their price mine for example they will list for 79k who out there can eat 40k? The news just aired even the developers here have sold their developed lots to habitat for humanity and the powers that be are proud of that. They have tons of empty houses here they could rehab for the lower income but those are left to drag the neighborhoods down. Seriously think long and hard before coming to this area! Answer question
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