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Peebles Is An Evil Wicked Corrupt Town

i grew up in peebles and i honestly cannot find one single good thing to say about it. From all outward appearances peebles is a pleasant little place where everyone waves and says hello but when you get past the facade you find a different story. I have not a single friend left in peebles every single one of them has stabbed me in the back at one point or another, usually over women sometimes over money. Most of the people of peebles are homophobics, racists, and they are cruel to animals. Many of the businesses of the area are run in an unproffessional manner, for example one mechanic I dealt with had my car for over a month, when i walked in and asked about, he CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER HIS RACE CAR and said he hadnt had time to fix my car (that i needed to get to my job). The police force of peebles are trigger happy, recently my fathers friend from another county was passing through on st rt 32 which isnt even in peebles jurisdiction, the peebles gestapo pulled him over and cited him for TWO(2)mph. Drug use and manufacture is also rampant in the area in general. I would like to close by stating that i have lived, worked and spent time in several different places, cincinnati being one and I consider peebles to be the worst, I have met the worst people, recieved the worst service, and generally been treated the worst in peebles of everywhere I've been. If you are considering relocating to peebles, I hope I've given you a push in the right direction thanks for reading, Jason C McClanahan 1991 graduate of peebles high school.
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