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Backwards Town

Whoever the city designer was of this town was clearly on drugs. The community is divided into sections by the alphabet letters. You feel like you live in a government institution and by the way don't ever get pulled over by Flagler County deputy or you'll have a shitload to deal with. My suggestion if you are thinking of moving to Palm Coast, change your mind. Save yourself from code enforcement which are ridiculous high taxes and regulations up the wahoo. Seems to be a republican crowd, but they seem to allow every bit of Taxation and Regulation and code enforcement you can think of. City Commissioners Are out for themselves. And if you love shopping well the stuff moving to st. Augustine. Do yourself a favor and take Palm Coast Florida off your list. God bless
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Palm Coast's Blend of Suburban Simplicity and Beach Living

Palm Coast is a very classic town in a lot of ways. I went to High School and lived in Palm Coast, so I ended up spending those golden years of my youth learning how to drive down the lettered neighborhoods and small fast food chains that help make up the old town center. Palm Coast is not necessarily a culturally rich town, so those expecting museums rounding the block or some real varied independent restaurants and shops may be disappointed. But Palm Coast is unique in that it captures a lot of that appealingly quaint suburban life, but it has the beach within 10 miles to add some additional Florida living charm. Palm Coast has a section in its Northern coast known as the Hammocks. This luxurious region features some enchanting homes and legitimate castle architectures. I use to like this aspect, and if I did choose to live in palm Coast again, I would take more visits to the luxury beach end of the city. The old town center has circled by a Wal-Mart and some traditional shops and restaurants. In the last few years, the city developed a new town center. It circles around an expansive and beautiful lake, and features a section that bridges the two opposing sides of Palm Coast that used to be reached with one single road. The cultural centerpiece is not located in the center, but it holds Palm Coast's heart. This is known as European Village. The Village has seen some rough economic times, but the ambiance is well intact. It is a classically designed triangle of pizza shops and ice cream bistros with a sensational lake view. The best feature of Palm Coast is its close proximity to Marine Land- a relatively small place where visitors can swim with dolphins in a quiet and intimate pool.
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