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We have lived in Palm Bay for 5 years an hour away from Disney, 15 minutes to over 20 miles of beach, housing is very affordable , restaurants awesome lots of outdoor events. Palmbay is a place you live nice and quiet afford and centrally located to everything . You don't live at a resort and deal with traffic and vacationers, you go to them. We love palmbay and all that have visited us agree
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Living in Palm Bay

Palm Bay is not a bad place to live its just not a great place to live. We have been here in south east PB for 13 yrs now and enjoy the convenience to state road 95 which is important because it will take you to other places that have things to do. Palm Bay is mostly a "bedroom community" a place where people come to live but go to work and play outside the city. It does have many stores for easy to get to shopping but no downtown area like Melbourne Fl, its neighboring city has. Most crime isn't violent, much is vandalism. If I could do it over, I would have chosen Melbourne over PB but thats just me, the cost of housing is much cheaper in PB right now. All in all you could do worse but as far as resale value, its a tough place to sell a home
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Palm Bay, FL - Truly Romantic

Palm Bay, Florida, is located on Florida's east central coast, half way between Jacksonville and Miamia. One wonderful place to go in Palm Bay is Turkey Creek Sanctuary. The "tree house section" has big oaks and orchids hanging down and a river that winds around this section with white sand bluffs about 40 feet high around the river. It is a great place to go if you want to feel far away from the city, without actually having to travel far away from the city. Although, keep in mind, that Turkey Creek hasn't completely recovered from the hurricane damage of a couple years ago. One negative thing about Palm Bay, Florida, is that most places, including Turkey Creek Sanctuary does not allow pets. This means that you can not walk your dog through the park or sanctuary. If you are a dog lover, this is a draw back. While in Palm Bay, Paisano's Italian Restaurant, is a must stop. It has great authentic Italian food, the service is good, and it has a beautiful view of the Indian river. The river is lovely, especially at night. This, as well as many others, provide a truly romantic setting in Palm Bay, Florida.
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