Cities in Nunavut

Population: 39,637

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Nunavut: Our Land

If you enjoy living in vastly unpopulated areas with beautiful landscapes, then moving to Nunavut might be something to consider. Homes tend to be scattered across the Arctic Archipelago of the country. This also means that the temperatures are colder with more snow and ice during the year than in other areas of Canada. Some of the villages are remote and can only be accessed by boat or plane, which is something to consider if you want to move to an area that is close to shopping centers and other businesses.

In many areas of Nunavut, cars aren't permitted. Although you'll live in a peaceful environment, you need to consider the importance of a car for your family. Dog sledding is a common form of transportation in the territory. One way residents stay occupied is to create beautiful pieces of art. The Iqaluit gallery houses a variety of pieces of jewelry and paintings as well as other types of art that are designed by those who live in Nunavut. A natural display of art is the Northern Lights. With a significant lack of pollution from cars and daylight for four months during the year, the Northern Lights can be seen almost every day between October and April.

While visiting the Nunavut or living in the area, Santa could be a neighbor. Nunavut is one of the northernmost regions with only 500 miles between Nunavut and the North Pole. Be prepared for an abundant amount of snowfall to go along with the northern location as there are at least flurries present during 10 months of the year. More snow and cold temperatures mean different types of wildlife that you'll likely see compared to what you might spot in other areas across Canada. Polar bears are quite common as well as Arctic wolves and seals. During the day, you can hike to the Arctic Circle to see more animals while enjoying the clean beauty that nature has to offer from mountains to valleys.