Cities in Newfoundland and Labrador

Population: 513,653

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Newfoundland and Labrador Overview

Statistic Value
Population 513,653
Population Density 1 ppl. / sq. mi.
Median Age 46
Male To Female Ratio 1.03 : 0
Married (15yrs & older) 70.48%
Families w/ Kids under 18 38.53%
Speak English 94.55%

Newfoundland and Labrador Demographics

Statistic Value
Median Household Income $73,940
Unemployment Rate 11%
No Certificate 22%
Completed High School 77.94%
Bachelors Degree 11%
Masters Degree 5%
Avg. School Score n/a%

Newfoundland and Labrador: The Rock

Those who like living in the outdoors where it is not too crowded will love Newfoundland and Labrador. With most of the population living on the island of Newfoundland, Labrador is more scarcely populated. If you are fluent in English, you will have no trouble there, since over 90 percent of locals consider it their primary language. Packed with natural and scenic beauty, Newfound and Labrador is a truly unique part of Canada. And, if you want to move there, housing is much cheaper than larger cities such as Toronto, Montréal and Vancouver.

Newfoundland and Labrador is the easternmost province in the country. Its capital, St. John’s, is where about half of the locals call home. The province is divided into two parts, Labrador, part of mainland Canada, and Newfoundland, an island that is in the Atlantic Ocean, by the Strait of Belle Isle. Newfoundland borders Quebec. In terms of population, Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the smallest provinces in Canada. It was formerly a colony, followed by a dominion of the U.K., but it became part of Canada in 1949.

Its geography stands out among other provinces, since thousands of small islands are included in the total area. Newfoundland and Labrador are triangular, while Labrador is the easternmost part of the Canadian Shield, meaning it is a vast area of metamorphic rock. Overall, Newfoundland has a humid continental climate with cool summers, due to the sea, but Newfoundland and Labrador as a whole have a wide range of climates. Parts of Labrador have either a polar tundra or a subarctic climate, with harsh, cold winters.

Many of the landmarks and attractions in Newfoundland and Labrador are centered on the province’s landscape, making it an outdoor lover’s dream. Gros Morne National Park of Canada is a sight to behold, as it has hills and fjords. If boating and hiking is your thing, check out Western Brook Pond. Are you more into coastal views? Cape Spear offers up a lookout, trails and a lighthouse. If you thrive on culture, The Rooms, George Street and Johnson Geo Centre are must-visits.

All Newfoundland and Labrador cities

Admirals BeachAnchor PointAppletonAquaforteArnold's CoveAvondaleBadgerBaie VerteBaine HarbourBaulineBay BullsBay de VerdeBay L'ArgentBay RobertsBaytonaBeachsideBellburnsBelleoramBirchy BayBird CoveBishop's CoveBishop's FallsBonavistaBotwoodBranchBrent's CoveBrightonBrigusBryant's CoveBuchansBurgeoBurinBurlingtonBurnt IslandsCampbelltonCape BroyleCape St. GeorgeCarbonearCarmanvilleCartwright, LabradorCentreville-Wareham-TrinityChance CoveChange IslandsChannel-Port aux BasquesChapel ArmCharlottetown (Labrador)ClarenvilleClarke's BeachCoachman's CoveColinetColliersCome By ChanceComfort Cove-NewsteadConception Bay SouthConception HarbourConcheCook's HarbourCormackCorner BrookCottlesvilleCow HeadCox's CoveCrow HeadCupidsDaniel's HarbourDeer LakeDivision No. 1, Subd. ADivision No. 1, Subd. BDivision No. 1, Subd. CDivision No. 1, Subd. DDivision No. 1, Subd. EDivision No. 1, Subd. FDivision No. 1, Subd. GDivision No. 1, Subd. HDivision No. 1, Subd. IDivision No. 1, Subd. KDivision No. 1, Subd. LDivision No. 1, Subd. MDivision No. 1, Subd. NDivision No. 1, Subd. ODivision No. 1, Subd. RDivision No. 1, Subd. UDivision No. 1, Subd. VDivision No. 1, Subd. WDivision No. 1, Subd. XDivision No. 1, Subd. YDivision No. 2, Subd. CDivision No. 2, Subd. DDivision No. 2, Subd. EDivision No. 2, Subd. FDivision No. 2, Subd. GDivision No. 2, Subd. HDivision No. 2, Subd. IDivision No. 2, Subd. KDivision No. 2, Subd. LDivision No. 3, Subd. ADivision No. 3, Subd. BDivision No. 3, Subd. CDivision No. 3, Subd. DDivision No. 3, Subd. EDivision No. 3, Subd. FDivision No. 3, Subd. HDivision No. 3, Subd. IDivision No. 3, Subd. JDivision No. 4, Subd. ADivision No. 4, Subd. BDivision No. 4, Subd. CDivision No. 4, Subd. DDivision No. 4, Subd. EDivision No. 5, Subd. ADivision No. 5, Subd. CDivision No. 5, Subd. DDivision No. 5, Subd. EDivision No. 5, Subd. FDivision No. 5, Subd. GDivision No. 6, Subd. ADivision No. 6, Subd. CDivision No. 6, Subd. DDivision No. 6, Subd. EDivision No. 7, Subd. ADivision No. 7, Subd. BDivision No. 7, Subd. DDivision No. 7, Subd. EDivision No. 7, Subd. FDivision No. 7, Subd. GDivision No. 7, Subd. IDivision No. 7, Subd. JDivision No. 7, Subd. KDivision No. 7, Subd. LDivision No. 7, Subd. MDivision No. 7, Subd. NDivision No. 8, Subd. ADivision No. 8, Subd. CDivision No. 8, Subd. DDivision No. 8, Subd. EDivision No. 8, Subd. FDivision No. 8, Subd. GDivision No. 8, Subd. HDivision No. 8, Subd. IDivision No. 8, Subd. LDivision No. 8, Subd. MDivision No. 8, Subd. ODivision No. 8, Subd. PDivision No. 9, Subd. ADivision No. 9, Subd. CDivision No. 9, Subd. DDivision No. 9, Subd. FDivision No. 9, Subd. GDivision No. 9, Subd. HDivision No. 10, Subd. ADivision No. 10, Subd. BDivision No. 10, Subd. CDivision No. 10, Subd. DDoverDuntaraEastportEllistonEmbreeEngleeEnglish Harbour EastFermeuseFerrylandFlatrockFleur de LysFlower's CoveFogo IslandForteauFortuneFox Cove-MortierFox HarbourFrenchman's CoveGallantsGamboGanderGarnishGaskiers-Point La HayeGaultoisGillamsGlenburnie-Birchy Head-Shoal BrookGlenwoodGlovertownGoose Cove EastGrand BankGrand Falls-WindsorGrand le PierreGreenspondHampdenHant's HarbourHappy AdventureHappy Valley-Goose BayHarbour BretonHarbour GraceHarbour Main-Chapel's Cove-LakeviewHare BayHawke's BayHeart's ContentHeart's Delight-IslingtonHeart's DesireHermitage-SandyvilleHolyroodHopedaleHowleyHughes BrookHumber Arm SouthIndian BayIrishtown-SummersideIsle aux MortsJackson's ArmKeelsKing's CoveKing's PointKippensL'Anse au LoupL'Anse-au-ClairLabrador CityLamalineLark HarbourLaScieLawnLeading TicklesLewin's CoveLewisporteLittle BayLittle Bay EastLittle Bay IslandsLittle Burnt BayLogy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer CoveLong Harbour-Mount Arlington HeightsLord's CoveLourdesLumsdenLushes Bight-Beaumont-Beaumont NorthMain BrookMakkovikMary's HarbourMarystownMassey DriveMcIversMeadowsMiddle ArmMiles CoveMillertownMilltown-Head of Bay d'EspoirMing's BightMorrisvilleMount Carmel-Mitchells Brook-St. Catherine'sMount MoriahMount PearlMusgrave HarbourMusgravetownNainNatuashish 2New PerlicanNew-Wes-ValleyNippers HarbourNorman's Cove-Long CoveNorris ArmNorris PointNorth RiverNorth West RiverNorthern ArmOld PerlicanPacquetParadiseParkers CoveParson's PondPasadenaPeterviewPetty Harbour-Maddox CovePilley's IslandPinwarePlacentiaPoint au GaulPoint LancePoint LeamingtonPoint MayPoint of BayPool's CovePort AnsonPort au ChoixPort au Port EastPort au Port West-Aguathuna-Felix CovePort BlandfordPort Hope SimpsonPort KirwanPort RextonPort SaundersPortugal Cove SouthPortugal Cove-St. Philip'sPostvillePouch CoveRaleighRameaRed BayRed HarbourReidvilleRencontre EastRenews-CappahaydenRigoletRiver of PondsRiverheadRobert's ArmRocky HarbourRoddickton-Bide ArmRose Blanche-Harbour le CouRushoonSally's CoveSalmon CoveSalvageSamiajij MiawpukekSandringhamSandy CoveSeal Cove (Fortune Bay)Seal Cove (White Bay)Sheshatshiu 3Small Point-Adam's Cove-Blackhead-Broad CoveSouth BrookSouth RiverSouthern HarbourSpaniard's BaySpringdaleSt. Alban'sSt. AnthonySt. Bernard's-Jacques FontaineSt. Brendan'sSt. Bride'sSt. George'sSt. Jacques-Coomb's CoveSt. John'sSt. Joseph'sSt. LawrenceSt. LewisSt. Lunaire-GriquetSt. Mary'sSt. PaulsSt. Shott'sSt. Vincent's-St. Stephen's-Peter's RiverSteady BrookStephenvilleStephenville CrossingSummerfordSunnysideTerra NovaTerrencevilleTilt CoveTorbayTraytownTrepasseyTrinity (Trinity Bay)Trinity Bay NorthTritonTrout RiverTwillingateUpper Island CoveVictoriaWabanaWabushWest St. ModesteWestportWhitbourneWhitewayWinterlandWintertonWitless BayWoodstockWoody Point, Bonne BayYork Harbour