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Not bad but not great either.

I have lived in Murfreesboro for the majority of my 33 years on this earth. It isn't that bad here, honestly. However, it is impossible to do anything as a couple out on the town that doesn't involve forking over $100 dollars a night for a dinner and a visit to the one decent movie theater here in town. The local community theaters (stage) are regularly putting on shows, so that is one positive. Another positive is the fall and late spring climate. It is sensational weather, especially in the fall. The negative is the summer humidity is intense, but it is the South East so...The restaurants in the community are varied from near $40 a plate to the $2.99 special at the Waffle House. If you have a family, Murfreesboro offers very solid schools, for the most part, and the kid activities are abundant. Once again though, there is an however, that is the traffic. It is lousy, and for a city this small that is ridiculous. Driving down Broad St, Memorial Blvd. Medical Center Pkwy or highway 231 can take 10 minutes or more to go two miles (on a good day). If you believe that it is a short drive to Nashville, think again. It can take an hour to get 20 miles to that city, unless you're driving after 9PM till 5:30 AM. The traffic is the biggest con to the area. There are little to no sidewalks anywhere so people will literally cross the street anywhere. The road construction seems endless and the landfill reeks so bad in the summer time you can't hardly stand it in that part of town, and that ruins some of the prettier scenery of the area. The renting of apartments in this area is outlandish, I know this site says the avg. renting price is $864 but that is including section 8 housing. My wife and I searched all over this community for the best deal and in reality you are paying $100 or so per 100 sq. foot in your apartment. Housing prices are borderline ridiculous, unless you are okay with $200K plus home. Another con is the crime is on the rise, significantly. It is hard to go two days without hearing about a rape, shooting, or home invasion situation. The element that makes Murfreesboro almost unbearable to reside in is that the community has been estimated to grow another 40.9% over the next ten years and the growth is so rampant that the city is still at least 10 years behind in its planning. In closing, Murfreesboro is a livable place if you make $85K plus a year and want your children to be in some of the better schools of the state. If you are single and wanting to meet people, I have seen a lot worse places. The entertainment, minus only having one average movie theater is very good. The shopping is excellent, literally everything you need is here. The cost of living is slightly too high for the avg. middle class family, and on the rise. The traffic is horrible for about 18 of the 24 hours of the day. Lacking in any real public transportation or sidewalks. Yet the worse part about this city is the that the growth is endless and the community simply can not keep up. So if you are someone who seeks a quite 1500 Sq. ft. home with a .50 acre lot for under $180K, seek elsewhere. This city is just too expensive, too crowded, too much construction, and is projected to only get worse. Areavibes has it wrong, (80) is the wrong score. Think more in line with a (75).
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New place to live

I moved here when I was 13 from a small town. I didn't think I was going to like moving to a city like this but I found out quite fast that I loved it. I am now 16 and love the two malls that are here, The Avenue and Stones River. The restaurants seem endless, and the pools in the summer time are amazing! It really is a great place to live for everybody.
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Make a Splash During a Visit to Murfreesboro, TN!

This past summer, my family and I passed through the lovely city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. We were on our way to Florida and it was early evening. We needed to find a place to eat and a hotel to spend the night. Little did we know that we would enjoy the hospitality in Murfreesboro so much that we would end up staying two nights! While enjoying the excellent service and food at a quaint pizzeria called Marina's on the Square, we met a family who had just visited the new expanded swimming pool at the SportsCom. As they were raving about the huge pool and athletic facility, my children began pleading with me to visit the facility. Because we were under no strict time constraints, we decided to extend our stay and visit the SportsCom facility. The line to get into the facility was long, but the pool and atmosphere made the wait in line well worth it. My children said that they want to return to SportsCom and Murfreesboro during our next summer vacation! In addition to the great SportsCom activities, visitors can enjoy shopping at the Stones River Mall and the Antique Center on Church Street. Navigating the roads in the city of Murfreesboro is easy, as the traffic tends to flow smoothly. Murfreesboro is a hidden gem for traveling families!
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