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Manchester, TN: Nice Country Life

Living in Manchester, TN is a pleasant experience year round. We generally have some pretty decent weather, and it's always nice to see the neighbors coming and going about their daily routines usually with a smile on their faces. Manchester is having a little bit of an issue right now with local crime, but I'm sure that will be under control in no time flat. Our schools are also seeing some concerning dropout rates. Every community goes through rough patches, and most recover. This one will too. I've been living in Manchester for 21 years and I have seen things go all over the scale here. Ultimately it works out and our fine little community is alright in the end. No one can tell me this isn't one of the best areas in Tennessee to call home. Come visit us here and take in the Bonnaroo music festival, visit the Old Stone Fort State Archeological Park, Lucky Ladd Farms zoo, the Manchester Arts Center, and definitely visit Cumberland Caverns. There's a lot to be proud of here.
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