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Longview, TX - Loads of History

Having three kids is rewarding yet exhausting. You would think that once I have time to get away, I would appreciate it. Well, in my cases, the only time I'm away from my family is when I go to visit my mother in Longview, Texas. Longview is an interesting place. It's interesting in the sense that it's the epitome of old school Texas. There's a lot of history in Longview, which includes Longview Heritage Walls, a post office that was built during the New Deal, and many other structures dating back over 100 years. Walking down the street in Downtown Longview feels as though the advancements in technology have ceased and you're in a completely different time and place. If you enjoy tradition and history, Longview is the perfect place to be. I visit my mother in Longview several times per year. It's always during one of the annual events. These events include the East Texas Boat, RV, and Camping Expo, the Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally, AlleyFest, the Turnip Green Festival, and the Great Texas Balloon Race. I used to bring my kids to AlleyFest, but now they're ‘too cool' for it. My favorite event has always been the Great Texas Balloon Race. The best hot air balloon pilots in the world come to Longview for this race. It's taken very seriously, and it's an incredible sight. If you plan on coming to the city of Longview for a vacation, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, you better like barbeque. Two, the events are the attractions. Three, it's all about tradition.
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