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Not worth waste your time

Its not a bad little town if you have money or older and retird person if you have to work for a living not worth it low paying jobs lots of part time if ypu can get hired there everything is very very old and out date town looks like the 1930-1940 small and not morden at all the place is chaging getting corption buying up the place and rent is going up to and the welfare rate is very high and drugs are getting really bad there a crack house in the town of lockport at 6254 dorchester rd just off off trans rd selling buying and collet welfare from the goverment and ny dont care or the town of lockport too the place is not even worth going to nothing to offer people but old school and drugs they let people get babys who are on welfare and rasie them the cops needs to bust thris crack house to and get out of the stone age living no jobs bad places to live now place dont move to the ny upstate area getto as hell and lots of welfare case on drugs i give lockport a -1000 for work and places to live want alot to move in lots of places dont have appliles in the house and look like the great depresson is still on plus the king and queen and crack head friends living in the house so if you move up there good luck
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