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Bread and Circuses... and Crime. Lots and Lots of Crime

Lake Worth represents what happens when you attempt to solve a problem by throwing money and flash at it, without addressing the real issue at hand.Much like trying to fix an overflowing toilet by installing an artsy sink fixture and painting the walls, the City of Lake Worth overlooks the massive illegal population (and with it, organized crime such as MS13), the roving bands of bums and "stab you for five bucks" rehab washouts, prostitution and scores of sexual assaults by painting buildings, throwing in a condo and adding a new parade or two.If you're perpetually drinking booze, gorging on food and engaging in hipster fare, you'll love Lake and Lucerne Avenues (known locally as LuLa, much in the uncreative tradition of 21st-century gentrification). Step over past Dixie or Federal, however (especially at night), and you run a 1/70 chance of being robbed, raped or attacked on any given evening, whether you realize it or not.The area can be a bit misleading: charming homes on one block, slums on the next. Your typical South Florida townhouses for fifty yards followed by wild chickens and heroin needles littering a barrio-esque scene for the following fifty. You never know what you'll get and you'll likely pay out the wazoo for both. Housing is getting more expensive, yet the criminal elements have no issues footing the bill, especially with all the stolen items changing hands in the area.Helicopters fly over almost nightly, with their spotlights searching for suspects. Gunshots ring out in the night and early mornings. The utilities get power outages often enough to be annoying and, during bad weather, looting and 7-10 day blackouts are a thing. Don't roll in the grass in Bryant Park before checking for needles. Hell, don't roll around in your yard before checking. The town is soft on its population of bums, many of whom more or less make a living out of being, well, bums. For the sake of being "progressive," many a blind eye is turned to many an inconvenient truth.Wanna go to the beach? Go ahead! Will you be able to swim in the water? That depends on the day, it seems.LW tries real hard to pretend it is moving up in the world like the heavily-gentrified towns of Delray or Boynton beach, but it'll never be much more than Riviera Beach's slightly more attractive sister.
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Lake Worth, A Forgettable Miami Suburb

I was living in Lake Worth a while back but eventually moved out of state. Lake Worth itself has some attractive areas and beautiful weather, but there are a few things the city needs to improve to really win over people looking to move there. Houses prices in Lake Worth are cheap, but that's because the crime is very high and the jobs don't pay well. Naturally, that drives down demand. The school system also leaves a lot to be desired to keep that in mind if you have children or will soon. What Lake Worth does have though, is a lot of places to go shopping. There are more cafes and bars than I can shake a stick at and most of them are pretty good. There's no shortage of grocery stores and other little boutique stores either. The best area in Lake Worth is undoubtedly the beach though. Even in the winter, it's warm enough to go for a swim, and the summers are just perfect.
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