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Lake Worth, A Forgettable Miami Suburb

I was living in Lake Worth a while back but eventually moved out of state. Lake Worth itself has some attractive areas and beautiful weather, but there are a few things the city needs to improve to really win over people looking to move there. Houses prices in Lake Worth are cheap, but that's because the crime is very high and the jobs don't pay well. Naturally, that drives down demand. The school system also leaves a lot to be desired to keep that in mind if you have children or will soon. What Lake Worth does have though, is a lot of places to go shopping. There are more cafes and bars than I can shake a stick at and most of them are pretty good. There's no shortage of grocery stores and other little boutique stores either. The best area in Lake Worth is undoubtedly the beach though. Even in the winter, it's warm enough to go for a swim, and the summers are just perfect.
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