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Iowa City, IA - The City of Art

My main reason for visiting Iowa City, Iowa was to go to some of the festivals offered during the Summer of the Arts program. This was an inexpensive way to experience the program. We stayed an entire week in Iowa City and on Friday night there was a free concert in the downtown pedestrian mall. I went to a jazz festival and watched an open air summer movie which was a great experience. I also visited the Eglert Theatre for some of the Arts events. I also visited a local Art museum. During my stay in Iowa City I stayed at Park House Hotel which is a nationally declared historic building. The hotel has been fully restored and is a very classy yet homey place to stay. I dined at a fine restraunt downtown that offered a lounge and bar for entertainment. The community was very welcoming and nice to a tourist like me who often got lost and had to ask for directions. On my trip I was introduced to the literary center of Iowa City and went to many book readings and local coffee houses.The nightlife was quiet interesting. I went to a local club that offered a live band and bar. The experience was absolutely pleasant and I plan to return in the near future.
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