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Hamilton, Ohio - Little Known, But Worth The Trip

I have always like to visit off beat and little known towns and cities in America. We went to Hamilton, Ohio two years ago to see if there was anything exciting that we could experience. It wasn't very far from our home and our trip was not very well planned out. The trip to Hamilton did not prove to be a disappointment even from arrival. We were told by local residents that a fun place to go was the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park. We expected to see only a few sculptures but we were soon proved wrong. The art was fantastic there were acient egyptian and greek sculptures throughout the park. The great part was that the art was very creative and interesting. Later that same night we went to The Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre and saw a quality production with local community actors. After the show we enjoyed a wonderfully quiet dinner downtown and retired to our hotel room. The next morning we had the chance to do some basic sight seeing in Hamilton and some souvenier shopping downtown. We bought postcards and tee shirts and got ready for our trip home. We only stayed for one night but the activities that we did take part in were very fulfilling.
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