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If you don't have kids and aren't old not good

I have lived in the area for over ten years and yes it is kid friendly but only kid friendly. The people are very snobby and will treat you like your doing something wrong . If you don't have kids and are young you will constantly hear " there's A teen up too something " even if your 30. The rent is $700 and up and the regular degree less jobs consist of fast food or factories and with the very high Mexican minority factor they get the jobs first because they know everyone. They cater to children and Mexicans here . The white people who live here bought there house is the sixties and like it because they're retired. All of the outings are very expensive and the only peoplet who base judgment on the stadium is visitors who can afford a game . Between being jobless a lot and winter expenses you won't be going out much. The whole city is completely unwAlkable and the buses don't cover much of it . It is not bike friendly at all unless you can afford a five hundred thousand dollar home . You could live in a similar slum apartment in other parts of the country for a lot less and better weather .
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Green Bay, WI - Beautiful, Nature Filled Surroundings

Although I traveled to Green Bay to watch the Packers play football, I realized this city has so much more to offer. We were only in town for two days and were not able to see most of the area or attractions, but were amazed at what we did see. First, the Green Bay Packers' stadium, Lambeau Field is a great football experience. The Hall of Fame is at Lamabeau field is also a must see. The Walk of Legends, a one-mile stretch with 24 statues representing the Packers' history, is also great for football fans. The rest of the city offers something fun for everyone. The Wellington Restaurant and Caffe Mario are wonderful places to dine. Both offer great food and a comfortable ambiance. We were able to visit the Green Bay Botanical Garden, which was more beautiful than any other place in the city, and Captain's Walk Winery. On the next visit to Green Bay we hope to visit the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, a 700-acre wildlife refuge that features trails and live animal exhibits. Although we had hoped to stay at Cambria Suites, which is within walking distance of Lambeau Field, they were fully booked, so we enjoyed our night at the Residence Inn by Marriott.
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