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Fountainbleau, FL - A Tropical Paradise

I have lived in Florida for sometime now, so I have had plenty of choices when it comes to vacation spots. The one spot I have chosen time and time again is Fontainebleau. This beautiful city is just a short drive from the world famous Miami Beach. This city is not well known, but definitely well worth it. One of my absolute favorite places to eat while visiting this amazing city is the Texas de Brazil located inside the Dolphin mall. This restaurant gives you a unique dining experience with imported foods and an extraordinary variety of meats. If you love golf like I do than a great suggestion is the Fontainebleau Golf Course. This tropical golf haven consists of two 18 hole regulation courses with long fairways and beautiful weather to enjoy. If excitement is what you're looking for than Santa's Enchanted Forest is your destination. This offers a unique tropical twist on Christmas fun. With all the pleasantries of Christmas and the fun of a carnival rolled into one, this amusement park is one for the whole family. The great thing about Fontainebleau, Florida is the variety it offers. From exciting nightlife, to relaxing beaches, and even fun for the kids, this wonderful city offers something for everyone. If you want to experience Miami without the crowds and expense of a Miami vacation then this is the place for you.
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