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My biggest mistake

My mistake was to move back to this crap town .its filthy imbread morons that have ,white trash tattooed hooker walking streets.cops don’t do anything about crime and probably don’t care .dont think you will get a good meal all there is chicken and bbq and it’s nasty,chickens run rampid it is a welfare city and county both ..city planners are as dumb ass a box of rocks they could not plan a trip to the shit house but if you like crime murder rape being able to sling your trash out the window and smile wile your on your way to see your friends at rock rd then this place is for you !!! Yes fort pierce no class
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Affordable Seaside Community

Beautiful pristine ocean beaches and Indian River Lagoon riverfront marinas along with the best ocean inlet on the east coast of Florida. The newly updated marinas are state of the art. Fort Pierce is the home of Indian River Fruit, which is a plus. Many retirees are discovering Fort Pierce to be a gold mine for affordable housing. Fort Pierce provides a historic downtown and is situated between Vero Beach & Palm Beach. Ideal location for a fraction of the cost.
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Fort Pierce FL- City on the Water

I have lived in Fort Pierce, Florida on-and-off for most of my life. Fort Pierce is located on the east coast of Florida, somewhere between Daytona and West Palm Beach. Fort Pierce is nestled on the Indian River and just a short bridge crossing to the Atlantic Ocean. The sun is often shining and the palm trees swaying when you're near the water in this coastal town. If visiting Fort Pierce, there are several points of interest to check out. Every Saturday there is a Farmer's Market that takes place at the Fort Pierce Marina. You can enjoy the sun and Indian River while sampling what local vendors have to offer. While at the marina, stop into the Tiki Hut to enjoy a seafood lunch while gazing out onto the water. Downtown Fort Pierce, which is near the marina, is an area that has recently been revitalized. Stroll the streets of downtown, browsing art galleries and old-fashioned general stores as you enjoy the day. For amazing Italian food, stop into Lorenzo's and enjoy their garlic knots. One strong recommendation is to not venture into the central area of Fort Pierce. There are several neighborhoods in the central area that can be very dangerous. While they have cleaned up over the years, those areas are still home to gang members and drug dealers. If you end up in the western area of Fort Pierce, you can run into chain restaurants such as Golden Corral, Denny's, Hardees, Cowboy's BBQ, and all the typical fast food joints. There is not much of a nightlife in the area, unless you enjoy bars. There are plenty of bars, which close at 2am. Night fishing is popular among the locals.
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