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The Sun and Sand are Calling In Fort Myers

I lived in Fort Myers, Florida for a period of about two years, while I took a short hiatus from college. I needed to get away and relax for a while and I have to say, Fort Myers was a great place to do this. Like anywhere, there is both good and bad to this city. However, I have to say overall, Fort Myers is a great place to visit but not extremely adaptable for families or anyone trying to make more than ten dollars and hour at, in most cases, a dead in job. The things I enjoyed most about Fort Myers is the fact, that no matter where you live you are within ten minutes of sun, sand, dining, shopping and extraordinary night life. When I stayed in Fort Myers I lived in several different apartments. Two where in gated areas while the others were not. I never had any problems with any type of crime first-hand, however heard about it frequently. There is a large number of gated communities within Fort Myers which is where I would recommend anyone looking to stay in the area check out. Most of the homes are nice and well-kept and anyone interested in moving to the area should research the housing prior to moving. The only negative aspect of Fort Myers is that finding steady, year round work that pays more than ten dollars an hour is a challenge. I worked several odd jobs when I needed extra spending money, however none paid over nine dollars an hour. If you are relying on a steady income you should secure a job that offers this prior to moving, because they are few and far between. Overall, I would recommended Fort Myers to visit, however I had to leave for a steady paying job. The city offers endless sunshine, a year-round warm climate and breath taking landscapes, that can lure you in. My advice is to be smart and have all you ducks in a row so you can enjoy all the wonderful things that Fort Myers has to offer.
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Great Experience

I went to Fort Myers twice, first in 2009, second in 2010. Both times, I rented a bicycle and managed to explore the whole city. I had a great experience with shopping, nightlife, beaches, parks, and of course the people. Although I did, at one point, encounter a few spotty areas that looked a little iffy, especially one area between Henderson and Highland Avenues just south of Martin Luther King Blvd. Otherwise, my experience was really nice. I went to Sanibel Island, Fort Myers Beach, and even explored most of Cape Coral as well.The Key West Ferry was also a fabulous experience.
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