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Endicott, New York: Full of Friendly People

I live in what is known as the village of Endicott, New York and my experiences here have been pleasant. This area is best known as the “Birthplace of IBM,” so we have a lot of history when it comes to the world of technology. The neighbors are friendly in the village and living in Endicott, New York has provided my children with a great education as they attend George F. Johnson Elementary School. The best areas in Endicott, New York are the multiple parks for our children to play in. The local parks and recreation department does a great job on keeping the parks clean and also offering sports opportunities with multiple recreational leagues going on throughout the year. There is always something to keep your kids busy with. Crime is relatively low here in Endicott. The local police department is wonderful and interacts with the community frequently. You will just enjoy this tiny village of Endicott that is full of friendly people.
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