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Living in deer park

As a resident what I've realize about Deer Park Tx. Is they don't mind you paying the high cost of living here. They encourage you to get more involved with the community and school booster functions which results in you spending more money. The businesses that are racially diverse are great people to be around. But what you will find out quickly that you are more prone to being stopped and harassed by police in Deer Park as a minority. Police won't smile or try and make eye contact with you in public places. Almost snobbish or a look as if your beneath them. The younger police officers are worse. You'll quickly learn that your money is welcome just not you. In other words they should just put up a sign that says if your black, Hispanic, in a bi-racial or other than just white we don't want you here. But they won't because the plants bringso in a diverse population to Deer Park that brings in revenue to the city. So either you learn to live with the oppression and smile or leave. In any case good luck in passing through Deer Park.
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Jim gutierrez Posted on Nov 06, 2016
The requirement for this title is 10 words. Deer Park. ke ke.

I lived in Deer Park until I was seventeen years old. The previous reviewer is correct in that it is so humid and feels so hot in the summer. In the middle of the night trains would go by and keep me up at night. I would not even think of going to Deer Park high school. To me it looked like an animal farm. Everything shopping wise is miles away. The Walmart is like four miles away. Police are all over the roads there, and roads around neighborhoods the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. 100 words required. 100 words required. 100 words required. sdfsdfsd sfsdfs fsd
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luckybearPosted on Mar 22, 2014
Stinky Backwards Redneck Town

First of all, I chose all the lowest ranking scores for Deer Park that this site would allow. I moved hear from Detroit in hopes of better financial opportunities. What I found was a nightmare. Deer Park is backed up into a corner with miles and miles of oil refineries that fart out a buffet of noxious gasses and fumes. They often vent at 4am and the odor is so strong it wakes me from a sound sleep. Next to every cash register in town is a homemade sign inviting people to a cancer benefit BBQ for their dying children, friends, etc,.. and a jar for donations. And due to all the refinery lights, Deer Park never gets dark. No stars. Just an eerie peach glow. The weather is so unbearably hot and humid that everybody pretty much stays trapped indoors all Summer long. By October it starts to cool off enough to enjoy the outdoors, but by then all the leaves are gone and the sky is gray until it gets hot again by May 1st. Deer Park is a sauna for for 6 months, then cold and ugly for 6 months. The change is abrupt. Once you get used to that, you realize you are surrounded by uneducated, ultra-conservative, bible thumping, homophobic, racist rednecks. The KKK had a headquarters in town until not very long ago and people shamelessly use the N word out loud in public. They not only refuse to recycle, most of them just toss trash out of their cars wherever they happen to be. They do not spay or neuter their pets, nor do they keep them on a leash or in a fenced yard. The streets are lined with with dead dogs. The common thought process is, "Oh well. We'll just get another dog.". I swear, that is an actual quote. Once you start looking for things to do or for any kind of specialty store, you realize you are in the precise spot that is the farthest from everything. Unless you're going to church, McDonald's, Walmart, or a hillbilly bar, you're looking at a 30min to an hour drive. I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, if you're moving to the area, get a place on Houston's NW side. Better yet, go to Austin instead.
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desertfrostPosted on Jul 12, 2011
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