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Human Trafficking Dangers

I would strongly urge anyone that wants to live here take it from my experience. This place preys on people that don't have many friends or family. Employers have little to no standard and the police department is unresponsive and have had hundreds of unanswered questions about crimes with relation to Scientology. Good for vacation at the beach. Dangerous to young people or individuals.Predators playground
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55+ Mobile Home Villages

Plaza Pines Mobile Home Village is in Clearwater, Florida. My wife and I moved into this 55+ village and at first the management was terrible. Shortly after that the manager was fired and the new manager is a reitred police officer. It is the difference between night and day. Now Plaza Pines is a safe place to live with good management and excellent community room activites with Easter Dinners where forty to fifty people get together and everyone knows everyone and we play cards together and bingo together and celebrate Thanksgiving, Valentine's day, Christmas, and many other occassions. It's a safe place to live and the police respond quickly when called upon and the ambulance responds quickly and professionally. I give it an A+ from a D- two and a half years ago. The new management has been in place for two years now.
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Not a great place to live * Avoid Clearwater, FL at all costs

Live here 25 years and the City has been on a slow change from a beach town to a SS patrolled Republican freedom less City. Rules about everything, the City reserves the right to run your life as they see fit. Poor City government, big headed power hungry. Retirees might like it here because they seem to like discrimination and the "Big Brother" government, as well as the City government gears itself to take care of retirees because they vote. Traffic is terrible here, don't plan a trip to the beach unless you allow 1 to 3 hours to get there from downtown area and when you get there you will need to take out a 2nd mortgage to park for a few hours. I would suggest you go to any of the beach south of Clearwater or Honeymoon Island to the north, it is a state park where it costs like $8 a car load and has several beaches 1 dog friendly.
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A good place to visit but not to live

I have lived here for 38 years. I stayed here to take care of my elderly parents who are now deceased. You have at least 4 months here of 90 degree and up days. sometimes 5 months. The bug life here is beyond belief. There are the flying roaches (palmetto bugs), the termites and all kinds of insect life here. Sometimes, the palmetto bugs will dive bomb you. There are many wrong way crashes and hit and run drivers here. I have a friend who was lucky to survive a crash a few years ago which was caused by a wrong way driver. If you own a house you will have consistent up keep on it to protect it from termites. And, it seems from my experience, there are many incompetent doctors here. The population is exploding and that also resulted in my mother dying from a stage IV bedsore from being neglected in a nursing home due to it being understaffed. Sooner or later a hurricane will probably hit the Tampa Bay area and become a disaster. My advice to anyone who wants to move here is to have plenty of money for medical care, up keep on a house, etc. And make sure to have plenty of car insurance.
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Excellent place to live!!

Clearwater is absolutely beautiful!! Safe and cLean!! I recently made a trip to Pompano Beach, Ft Lauderdale Area. Wow!! It was like the slums compared to Clearwater area!! I can't think of a single negative thing to say about Clearwater. All is positive here!! CLEAN is number one!! No trash laying around....convenient!! I used to love the southeast part of Florida. But now I felt scared...it was dirty...littered.... Please Clearwater!!!! Always stay as clean and safe as you are now? After visiting my friend in Pompano Beach I can see why she asked me, "aren't you scared to walk to the mall?" She lived in John Knox village...safe inside their gates...a war zone looking place to venture out. NO....I've NEVER felt threatened or afraid to walk or drive anywhere in the Clearwater area. I LOVE IT HERE!!!
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Clearwater, FL - City by the Beach

The university I attended during my college years was right on the outskirts of Clearwater. I have many fond memories - and also many unpleasant memories, from my days in Clearwater. To say the least, Clearwater offers a little bit of everything for the college student, as well as something for the family and retirement age couple. The city of Clearwater is a definite beach town located between Lakeland and St. Petersburg. Though many locals combine Clearwater and St. Pete into one category, they are clearly different. Clearwater offers its mainstay in the area - Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Beach is a man-made beach that covers about two miles of coast and is stationed somewhat like a boardwalk. If you are at the beach you will also be able to access restaurants, small attractions, hotels, nightlife and bars. Besides the beach Clearwater has excellent nightlife. For those individuals who are looking to party until all hours, Clearwater has you covered with an assortment of eclectic and unique nightclubs and bars. I enjoyed most everything about Clearwater, FL - save for a couple of things. While it is always nice to go to the beach, the fact that it is man-made was kind of a setback. Originally being from Hawaii, I found it very lacking; the sand was not right and the water was usually chilly - even in the summer. Being located in the Gulf of Mexico will do that. The city of Clearwater is also a little dirty for my liking; too much partying and not enough clean up sometimes. Lastly I would say that the traffic in Clearwater is terrible. There is only one road that funnels in and out of Clearwater Beach; you have no choice but to endure traffic.
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